Friday, March 2, 2012

 I will drive slower to save on gas money, and other random thoughts

Sometimes  life goes way beyond the speed limit and there is just no way to organize thoughts, happenings, life lessons, photos, and messages.

So - brain dump.

One positive thing that I have done, in light of the recent gas price hike, is to work on my driving - in an effort to bring my average miles per gallon up. Guess what? I brought it up form 19 mph, to 23 mph! I am a geek, but I was totally psyched over that. I may possibly be that annoying person on the road next to you who is putzing along at 25mph, but please know that I am not there to tick you off. I am saving money people! ;) Honestly, if there are cars around me, I drive in an expected and helpful manner, but if I am by myself on a country road, I do bring the mph down. Mostly, I just make sure that when I start accelerating, after being stopped, that I make it even, slow, and easy. I also don't idol at all, unless is it super cold and we need to have the heater running.

I try not to get too caught up in vain beauty; how I look, outward appearances, and spending money on things that tout fountain-of -youth type claims. I roll my eyes at them. So don't roll your eyes at me... but I have recently found a product that I think may be helping me with my "I have 4 kids and sometimes don't get alot of sleep" under eye shadows. I think the dark circles under my eyes are circumstantial and genetic. Not alot of hope for me. But, I have been using this targeted action eye revitalizer for about 2 weeks. And I am seeing some under eye changes. No, no one is paying me to say it, but if they wanted to, I would let them. ;)

K came home from school one day this week with a paper he had written about what love means to him. It melted me. Of course that means it will go up on the blog. ;)

I think this one is a keeper.

I just had a texting conversation with Dave, in which I told him what I was doing. Because we are that couple that you roll your eyes at and say, "Oh, puh-lease. Really? Do you have to tell each other what you had for lunch and everything? And have pet names for each other and get all mushy and huggy and kissy?

-That's us. To the point where when I was going through my "I'm going to increase my miles per gallon at all costs" phase I was texting him every time I raised my mpg average by a tenth of a mile. I know, I know...

So, anyway, I was telling him that I was "blogging", but my auto-correct apparently wanted me to be here at home "clogging" while my boys napped. Hmmm. Could be fun.

And now Kai is up from his nap and just brought me a juice box. Sweet kid. Maybe he will want to clog with me.

A lady from our church read a long-ago blog entry where I talked about how God got us through some rough patches with K, and how He continually reminded me to just breathe. Over and over in that blog entry I had written, breathe...just breathe.

What do I find in my mailbox the other day, from this sweet lady, but a vinyl word to go up on my wall: "Breathe". I love it. Alot.

I put it by my lovely, wonderful, I-never-thought-I-would-have-something-this-nice, jacuzzi tub. 

Isn't it great? Makes for the perfect "mommy time out" spot.

I also just got new sheets for our bed. I'm so silly. I knew I needed to get new sheets for awhile, but couldn't bring myself to a) spend the money for a nicer set, or b) convince myself to compromise and not get the nicer set.

My sister in law Sarah ruined me once by getting me a nice set of sheets, with a higher thread count than I had previously owned. You know, because it's certainly not my fault that I can't bring myself to buy cheap sheets...

I finally looked over our budget and moved a few things here and a few things there, and pretended I didn't have to buy gas, and bought this lovely set of sheets. It reminds me of smooth, rich chocolate. 


All of my boys, except for K, got haircuts this week. Pretty short. They were all hippies, with longer hair than I think they had ever had. They all look so different, and of course - in that mysterious way that haircuts accomplish - they all look much older.

I am growing my hair out to donate to Locks of Love. I am excited. And hesitant. I do like my longer hair. It is longer right now than it has been in quite awhile. My stylist told me that to donate to a child, who has lost their hair due to harsh leukemia treatments, I would need 10 inches. I think I have 10 inches now, but it would leave me with a pixie hair style. Super short. I may wait another month or so and do a bob. I haven't decided yet. 

I'm a big JJ Heller fan. You have got to check out this sweet music video that her and her husband made in their dining room.

I'm not sure if I have ever seen anything cuter.

I received my acceptance email this weekend to volunteer my photography skills with Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep. 
I am excited, and sad, and ready to do this. 

Yeah, you might want some tissues handy when you watch that. 

Okay, I have to go now. I have things like this to deal with at the moment.

Funny, I didn't even notice the sippy cup of milk until I downloaded the photo. 

Perfect visual of what my life is all about. ;)


Melody said...

I love me some J.J. Heller! That video is TOO cute. I sing The Boat Song to my two year old every single night : ) I was so envious of you when you said you got to see her in concert...I am trying to finagle a road trip to see her in concert a few hours from my home. Kinda makes me feel like a crazy groupie stalker, but something about her music fills my cup : )

Redhead Mommy said...

I love reading your random thoughts. Probably because my thoughts tend to the random as well.

You could totally rock the pixie cut! You'd look like a cute elf with Disney eyes! ;)

Denise said...

what a lovely "clog" you have. so glad i found my way here today.

now i want to raise my mpg.

my sister bought me nice sheets one christmas. i didn't know better till then. if i raise my mpg maybe i can buy new sheets too.

sweet words from your boy! i hope my keeds see "love" in my husband and i.

Rachel said...

You're just so great, Wendi :) I love reading your blog, hearing what you've been up to (clogging does sound like a lot of fun...!) and seeing what God is doing in your life. I cannot WAIT to see you on Monday.

Nikki said...

You would look SUPER cute with a pixie cut!! Did you know that you can donate to Locks of Love if your hair is less than 10 inches? In that case, they use it for something like doll hair, which they sell for a profit, so it helps defray their costs. They will accept any length of hair, it just has to be 10 inches to be used for a child's wig.

Love that JJ Heller song!

And I had to go searching for that sippy cup when you mentioned it. ;-)

Leslie said...

oh Wendi.
Fun fun fun.
I love brain dumps, thus thats all I have put out on my clog lately.

And I love all the things that your working on.

Oh and JJ Heller. So so great. Ry's fav.


Kristin said...

When you said Pixie haircut, I was thinking, that you could get a hair cut like JJ. And then you have to go and mention her, because she's cool and all. put up the BREATHE. Way to be in the present (for now:)