Monday, February 27, 2012

 He makes me like 7

Dear Jay,

If someone had asked me, when you were small, what I would be observing in you, loving about you, and writing about as you turn 7 - I would likely not even begin to believe them. You have surprised me much over the last few years, and I mean that in a very positive way.

I love you. You mean so much to me buddy.

What is the first thing that I find surprising about you? - Well, you are pretty quiet. Not the first to raise your hand, or voice your opinion. Let me just say, this is not how you were when you were a baby and toddler. :) This is good.

There are many things right now that I could pin point within you that would showcase human nature and our bend towards selfishness and getting our own way, but suffice it to say that there are equally as many within this mama. We are on this journey of growing and learning together aren't we? I have more years than you though and God made me your mama, so I have a big responsibility to teach you, to lead you, and to guide you.

You have compassion and I love that.

When you take the time to see past yourself, you notice the needs around you and your heart is tender. Jay, if there is anything that I want to nurture in you, it is this. This is what you are here for.

So find those who are hurting,

Reach in to that compassion,

And show them love.

This year you have your first loose tooth.

You are reading better (this was a bit slow in coming, but we are pleased with your progress!).

You are all about Batman right now.

 For real, crazy over the idea of being a hero, and saving the world. :)

Most of your friends at school are girls, "because the boys can be so mean and they are really loud". That's fine with me. I do want you to be careful in choosing friends.

You are a good student when you try. First grade has been good for you. There are times that you bring home work that shows signs of laziness all over it, and I make you do it all over again. Every last bit of it. Yep, I'm mean, and horrible, and nasty. But I'm not budging. :) I take my job as a parent seriously. And you will learn to apply yourself and use the brilliance you have been given.

You are a wonderful brother.

Kai adores you. Noe is your shadow.

 I am most impressed with your care of K. It melts me every single time I see you push him on the seat of his walker, get on his level to show him things, or play his computer with him. I am so glad that you have grown up with what the world would consider "different" and to you, it is completely just a part of life. This is very good.

 (love those eyes!)

Mostly, I am just humbled (and I'll admit it, a little scared) that God has entrusted you to me. Frankly - I don't want to screw you up. :) Funny, I know, but also good to admit. I need Jesus to help me parent you. I take great comfort in knowing that he gave you to me for a purpose. He knows that your daddy and I have been given all that it takes to raise you up to be a wonderful, godly, caring man. As long as we look to your creator for our everything. And that makes me really happy.

What a privilege it is that you, Jay, call me mama!


Arlona said...

I want you to know that I checked and you have updated the age of Jay on the side of your blog. Congratulations. Loved the Jay blog and the pictures. I hope that he feels better soon. Love all of you and miss being with the boys today. We are going to Adah's house.

Andrea said...

Precious boy! And can I say he is looking quite 'grown -up' here? Wow. :) Happy Birthday Jay!

Nikki said...

Jay is lucky--no, blessed--to have you as his mama. And I agree: those eyes!!