Monday, January 23, 2012

 On life without the Internet

So, what does one do when they suddenly find themselves off line,


Cut off,


Well. . .

One big surprise: I'm not hating it.

I am missing some of the ways it connected me, and many of the ways it made my life easier.

But, I have also revived some old forgotten loves of mine...

Pen and paper.

Writing doesn't start and stop here. But for the past couple of years, for me, it has.

I had forgotten what it feels like to smooth out a crisp white piece of lined paper and feel my emotions pour out of the tip of that pen.

It's a good thing.

More personal.

Less restrictions.


Real books.

Paper back,

Hard back,


That sweet, yet dusty smell that books have, whether they are old or new.

Yes, I had almost forgotten.

I have used a phone book for the first time in ages.

A real dictionary.


Have I become so reliant on technology, that it has come to this?


I smile.

I had imagined what it would be like to lose my old friend before; my trusty laptop.
I always shuddered at the thought.

Now it is as dead as a door nail, and strangely, I am relaxed and happy.

Will I welcome it back glady and eagerly, when it sports a new hard drive and is ready to be my yellow pages and pen and paper again? Of course I will! No question.

But, it will be put away sooner and forgotten easier. My notebook is beside me and is a new friend. I am already picking out the next book I want to read. I may get out the white and yellow pages, just for fun, next time I need a number.

And did you know you could actually pin things to a real board??


Andrea said...

Yes it's quite disturbing how reliant one can become on their laptop (I speak from personal experience!). I just started reading 'The Help' - awesome book. Enjoy your journalling in a real journal, your glimpse of life minus a laptop is inspiring - must go try to pin things to a real board - LOL! :D

Penny said...

There are some things I love technology for -- pinterest and e-books. I love them no longer taking up space -- cause we ran out of space!!! Yes, real books ARE better, but it's just so nice to not have to store them. =)

But I am off Facebook (mostly). I don't want to know "that much" about some people, lol!!

Arlona said...

Perhaps when you get your computer back, you will go to the side bar of your blog and tell people how old your sons really are. Nag! Nag! Nag! Love! Love! Love! Mom