Saturday, December 17, 2011

 I may not believe in the guy in the big red coat, but Christmas magic still abounds

Hello Christmas break.

Hello light dusting of snow.

Hello staying in bed until 9am and getting coffee served to me there.

I never believed in santa, and my kids have always known that santa is a fun pretend story. (don't be hatin' - I won't judge if you won't).

But, I have to say, this morning felt just a wee bit like perhaps there may be something to the whole Christmas magic thing. ;)

Just take a look...

Now we are in from the cold watching Buddy the elf while baby does puzzles and chili simmers on the stove.

We haven't had a day like this in a very long time.

We are all fighting off some yucky tummy stuff, 

Dave and I have already had to referee several little boy struggles, 

and I accidentally potentially gave K a black eye while Wii bowling, (Oh mother of the year award, why must you always be so elusive?!)

But, I'm choosing to look at the bright and merry side of things... *wink*


Amanda said...

i love you so much wendi...elusive mother of the year award and all. we don't do santa either...and i always want to bust out the "don't be hatin'" line. i love that store clerks think i am evil or something..."what are you asking santa for?" my children's reply: "santa doesn't come to our house...he is pretend, you know"...while i nudge them and whisper "she just wants to know what you want (another thing that don't know how to respond too...they are blissfully listless--for the most part...kate told the lady at aldi she wanted a which the lady responded...that's all...a toothbrush...and looked at me like we were obviously poverty stricken and depriving her)...and "remember, we don't ruin santa for other boys and girls who want to pretend." ;)

Amy@My Front Porch said...

Love relaxing family days like that! Sometimes I think the fact that they are sparse makes them that much more special in the midst of busy times :) And that sled is wayyy cool!

Jackie@Our Moments, Our Memories said...

Ahhhh..."don't be hatin'..." love it! Same here at our house - although Savannah is under strict instructions to not ruin it for her little friends who believe otherwise. :)

This set of pictures is so beautiful, Wendi. It evokes such warm feelings - sort of an old-fashioned Christmas feel. And the smiles on all of these precious faces just says it all. I think THAT is what qualifies you for the mother of the year, my dear. :)

Stacey said...

How fun that you have snow and Christmas break already!!!

Katarina said...

These are beautiful pictures! Love the snow and must say that I am missing that white fluffiness right now. Have a VERY Merry Christmas my friend.

Katarina said...

p.s we don't do santa either and my kids walk around telling anyone who asks them what santa is bringing (with a look of mild disgust i might add) that "Christmas is about Jesus because Santa isn't real you know!"

Audrey C said...

LOVE the photos, especially the teddy bear on the sled. Awesome work.