Sunday, December 11, 2011

 Balance in the midst of the most wonderful time of the year

It really is the most wonderful time.

And it's busy... and we have a tightrope to walk.

Of choosing, do we do this? And that? And all that's in between?

Do we embrace it all? The Spiritual,
and commercial,
and enjoyable,
and traditional?

It's good. Really, really a month that I look forward to all year long.

Kind of like a little girl,
...hoping for that doll that can talk (and maybe even wets).

Would you believe that is what I got one of my boys??
Yes, oh yes. My 2 year old lil' man is getting a doll.
And I am so, so excited to see his face when he opens it...
because he is all about babies ("Me-Me's" in his ever-so-evolving language).

I won't be giving him a baby brother or sister... so, I found the most precious little boy doll...
with diapers and a bottle and everything!

So, it is with this expectancy, and festive exhilaration that we live out these December days.
It is cold, and snowy, and really everything it should be.

But it is crazy how busy we can choose to make ourselves at this time!
Wow, have we been trying to make really wise choices,
be discerning,
and not face burn out, as a family.

This is one of only 3 years in 10 that we will not be making that 500 mile trip to spend Christmas with my family.
Of course I feel my heart drawn west...
but the memories of just a few weeks ago, and our westbound Thanksgiving surprise, are still very much alive and well.

I errantly thought that since we would not be traveling, it would be super relaxing.
Oh, a thousand laughs on me.
Good one Wendi, good one.
We are home... where invitations, opportunities, and busy plans are flying!

This year is about starting new things.
It's about our family of six.
Traditions, cuddling, lots of cookie dough, Classic Christmas movies, and always,
focusing on what it meant for God to send his one and only son to earth.

Some times it is painful to explain it,
in little boy terms.

That cute little baby that Noe sang about in his preschool Christmas program,
that they hear about in Sunday school,
that Mary is cradling in my beloved nativity set....

He came to die.
I don't really mince words when I tell them.

It's a sweet story; the Christmas story and the wonderful birth of baby Jesus.
It is, and we love to tell it and hear it.

But wow, the story is so much bigger than we so often tell, right?
Sometimes it pierces my heart to even think about his birth.
Because I know why He was born.
And I know that the ugly of my heart took that baby and tortured Him.

I want our Christmas to be simple, and family focused, and sweet.

We are looking towards a 17 day stretch of kidos off from school!! (So excited)
They have school all of next week - and then it's all snow boots and cookie cutters,
hot chocolate and driving through Christmas light displays and sleeping in (but only in my dreams).

But through all of that - I just so much want my little family to realize that the baby in the manger came for a purpose that we should be falling to our knees in thankfulness for.
He was/is our deliverer.
The one who redeemed us from being a slave to all that is ugly deep inside of us.

Really wanting to focus on that this year - and every year.


Katarina said...

So true. I too find myself drawn to making sure that we focus on Jesus, on His death as well as His birth at this time of year...for without His death there would be nothing good or joyful about his birth.
thanks for the reminder tonight.

Kristen said...

In reverence, "Amen."

Penny said...

We're already starting to work on keeping Christmas small and focusing on Christ more because when we have kids, we want to make sure they recognize why we have Christmas. So true. The story is much bigger, but with us slowly telling them, they'll understand as they grow up.

Andrea said...

This reminds me of a neat quote I read recently, "the shadow of the cross falls even over the manger". How beautiful that you are teaching this to your kids, wishing you all blessings in a busy yet beautiful season :)

Anonymous said...

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