Tuesday, November 8, 2011

 30 Days of Thankfulness; Day 8 {Thankful for Tuesdays}

Ah Tuesday, how special you are becoming to me...

Today: I am thankful that I learned a few things about packing my schedule and facing burn out over the last few months. Mostly, I am thankful that through some wise re-prioritizing, rescheduling, and decision making, I have been able to make Tuesdays a bit of a reprieve day for myself. We all need a day of rest. When that can happen may be unique to each one of us. I am thankful that it is beginning to happen for me. On Tuesdays.

Today: I am overflowing with thankfulness that I have  someone doing life with me.The sweet companionship would stand alone as blessing enough for a lifetime, but today I am just so grateful for the help I have through all of life's demands.

The time he took with K's homework tonight... the extra time with printing out a number chart, explaining it all slowly, so much patience.

Getting their pajamas on, taking them up to their beds, praying with them. This is of more value to me than just about anything I can think of at the moment. I am so grateful.

Today: I am grateful for the quiet of a gray misty day. Warm beverages, soft blankets, and hours of photo editing. What a great feeling to be productive, while relaxing and doing something I love!


Today: The sweet sounds of a preschooler and first grader quoting their poems and songs for thanksgiving plays still ring in my ears. Even if I was trying to catch a few minutes of quiet... in the bath tub... and their zealous performances had to take place in my once silent sanctuary.

I recognize the blessings for what they are. I could complain, but that would not be fun at all. :) Instead, they are being added to my grateful lists. Those sweet voices. Those amazing capacities to learn, memorize, and giggle alot in the process.

{Find the silver lining}

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The Sneaky Mommy said...

Yes--silver linings! All too soon these children are going to be way too independent!