Wednesday, November 2, 2011

 30 days of Thankfulness; Day 2 {Thankful for the good, the tough, and the candy of today}

Today I am thankful that when I got to school and realized that I did not have K's walker in the back of my van,

a) The walker was in Dave's truck, at his work, just a mile away


b) K is walking very well, without the walker, when someone holds his left hand.

Today I am thankful that both Kai and Noe are taking a really nice, long, restful nap (not quite the norm around here these days).

I am thankful for a generous husband, a new camera, the bright sunshine, the nurturing of a grateful spirit, wonderful friends, supper already made, worship team practice tonight, and Halloween candy to steal...  ;)

Day 2 - you have been a pleasure so far.

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Dawna said...

Love this, love you. xoxo, Dawna