Sunday, September 11, 2011

 Answering his questions

Last night I had to look into two trusting eyes and answer some questions.

About buildings falling to the ground and planes with smoke pouring from the back of them.

Everything about him was so earnest... and for a moment I just wanted to turn the tv off and smile and tell him that it was just a movie.

You know, one of those movies that six year old's can't watch and mommy and daddy needed him to go to bed and no more questions please.

But instead we quietly took each question as it came.

- Questions about a day over 3 years before he was born... that changed our world, but defined his.

He was born into a world already crushed by fear, terror, and evil.

And really, we were too, weren't we?

Pre 9-11 world and post 9-11 world; fear, terror, evil.

It can render us terrified and ineffective, frozen in our insecurity of what may happen to this country.

Or it can propel us to a life of clinging to our Jesus like never before. It can nurture that place deep within our hearts that knows we were created for something more and longs for our real home.

A wise man, who Dave and I deeply love and respect, responded in this way when addressing some incredibly difficult issues that are affecting his life, "Such times push us hard against God. We affirm with the Psalmist that "…the LORD is good and his love endures forever; his faithfulness continues through all generations" (Psalm 100:5)"

And so as Jay looked up at the images being played out on our tv screen, remembering that day ten years ago, that is exactly what I tried to impress upon his young heart.

Yes, it was bad.

No we have no promise that it can't happen again.

Yes, there are people who share this earth with us who are not pure in heart.


But, let us use these things to push us hard against God. 

Oh how I wish that I could look into innocent eyes that I love {so, so much} and give assurances and reassurances of safety and security.

But instead, I take hold of the truth, that I can give them assurance of comfort in times of trouble and a secure eternal future where terror can never touch them.


Arlona said...

I am so glad that God gave you and Dave to Jay to answer his questions and to assure him of God's comfort and love. Thanks for being there for my grandsons. I love you.

Andrea said...

Amen girl! What a lucky boy to be raised by parent's who point him to Jesus, to eternal life free of the sin and consequences we experience here, and precious reassurances of the comfort that is so available to us always when we press into Him. Beautiful.

Rach@In His Hands said...

"But, let us use these things to push us hard against God."

YES. Beautifully written and explained to your boy, Wendi!