Friday, August 5, 2011

 Photo Favorites...errr... sick mama Friday

I had a few pictures in mind for some Photo Favorites Friday... and then my mind turned into mush and honestly, there isn't much going on up there right now. No snarky comments about how that isn't so different from my usual please... ;)

I'm feverish and have been kind of emotional - and well, it's just one of those days. Ya'know?

I had a sinus infection last week (I think). It wasn't awful bad, but enough to make me uncomfortable to the point of being motivated to make a doctor appointment. I went, he asked a few questions, I said, "I think I have a sinus infection", he said, "I'm pretty sure you have a sinus infection. Here's a prescription." And that was that.

I felt pretty good the next day. Three days later I was not doing so well. I was okay the next 3-4 days. Last night whatever has been going on in my body just decided to go big or go home. And it didn't go home. I started running a fever and feeling generally icky all over. This morning I felt kind of okay, and thought perhaps we could go on with our weekend plans; camping with my Mom2mom group and families. This is an annual event and although camping is still alot of work with the ages and stages of our guys, I knew it would be fun.

Fast forward to about an hour before we were to leave. I wasn't communicating to Dave very well how I was feeling. I could feel the fever returning. I tried to ignore it. We were packing stuff up. And then I just laid on the bed in the camper and had a bit of a tear fest. Somewhere in there I managed to get out that I was sick, like really sick, and knew that going would be a mistake. It sounded something like this "Bleh, meh...... buuuut... I'm sickkkkk.. sniff sniff... Don't blehhhhh, thinkkkkk I shouldddd.... goooo." Sniff sniff.

So, we agreed that the oldest three, who were nearly jumping out of their skin in anticipation of this camping trip, could go ahead and go with dad, and that me and Kai would hang out at home all weekend and see if I could perhaps get some extra rest and kick this nastiness out of my system.

Shortly after they left I really felt confirmation that the choice I had made was the right one. The fever has been elevating rather quickly - even with Tylenol. I am so glad that I listened to that "gut feeling" and made a choice to stay home and rest.

The house is quiet. The messes are still here though, reminding me of those precious guys in my life:) I forced myself to rest this afternoon, even as my mind saw the rare opportunity to do some beyond needed cleaning and organizing. I said no. And I am about to say no again. My hope is for a very deep sleep of many hours. We will see how kind Kai is to me. :)

Here is one photo favorite, while I can still think somewhat clearly. I took this one on Wednesday of two cousins who were a month apart. Love it!


Rachel @ Unexpected Blessings said...

So sorry you feel yucky. I hope you feel better soon. Praying you feel better soon. Love you!

Arlona said...

Would you like me to bring Kai over to my house for Saturday? I'm sure Delphia would love to have him here. We could all have fun together. I am sorry that you are sick. How can I help?