Friday, July 22, 2011

 Photo Favorites Friday

As I sit with a little one on the couch, give pain meds 'round the clock, and try to keep him calm, I figured I may as well post some photos fav'es on this lovely (HOT) Friday.

Jay's tonsillectomy + ear tube surgery went well. I think we are in for a bit more of an intense day, pain wise, today, but we are thankful for yesterday going so much better than anticipated.

So, without further ado - let me share these favorites.

 From an engagement photo shoot I did last Saturday.

 Ahhh! The sweetness is too much. I did this sweet little man's photos last month.

And, a very dear friend and her very photogenic family.

Have a great weekend! Drink lots of water, hang out by the AC. :)


Melody said...

Glad to hear lil' Jay's surgery went well. Hope he is on the mend soon!

Beautiful photos!

Looks like we may join the rest of the country, here in Seattle, and actually get some summerish weather this weekend. The temps might actually reach 80 tomorrow...ha!

Penny said...

Oh, I LOVE that 2nd picture! Too adorable!!

Sara@TCme said...

That little guy in the basket: OMW. Don't you just want to eat up those cheeks!!
I like how in the family pic the two girls are leaning in to the parents, how beautiful!
I'm glad that Jay's surgery went well,What a load off a Momma's mind, not to mention the heart that never wants a child to be afraid or in pain. My niece is having the same thing at the end of the month.

Stacey said...

As always very creative fun pics!! Thanks for sharing!

The Sneaky Mommy said...

Hoping Jay continues to heal! Our Carson just had that surgery--one key thing our doctor told us was to make sure he got some sort of protein as protein really promotes healing. We opted for a really cold protein fruit smoothie--it really helped! (sorry, unsolicited advice...)
Your pictures are BEAUTIFUL! You have a gifted eye for catching such sweet moments!

Cottage Mommy said...

Beautiful photos Wendi! So happy to see your new venture doing so well! Love the first one of the couple...just gorgeous!

Tsailin said...

Oh my gosh ...! Your family looks awesome~!

I wish I could had like that someday ..