Monday, July 18, 2011

 Monday morning ponderings

It's the first day back on our "regular" schedule since July 6th.

It has always been hard for me to take a bunch of time off from "regular", and then gracefully slide back into it. Always.

My alarm went off at its "regular" time of 5:30. I was in some other world where alarms are only faint figments of foggy imaginations.

I got up at 7:30.

Coffee is beside me, one boy is awake and quietly hanging out next to me. Have I ever told you about my non-spillable coffee mug that goes everywhere with me? If not, I should likely write a blog post fully devoted to it. It has changed my life. Or at least changed the lifespan on my carpet, van floor, and furniture.

I should be
a) vacuuming my floors
b) making some important phone calls
c) editing photos from my most recent photo shoot
d) folding the three loads of laundry that look far too comfortable on my loveseat
e) making a delicious and nutritious breakfast for the boys who will soon be boisterously awake and ready for it

There is an f,g,h,i, and j in here some where as well, but the point is that I am not going down that alphabet right now.

I am thinking about a bucket list

I am mentally redecorating our play room

I am remembering vacation and gearing up to make photo cds for my family

I am reflecting on sunshine, hot summer days, and God's goodness in bringing season after season to its peak.

My heart is in prayer about possible job changes for my husband. And the possibilty of job sameness. And how we will respond to either outcome.

-As well as a pondering on this dream of mine; photography moving form hobby stuff, to several photo shoots. People calling, emailing, wanting to book sessions and leaving me with grins and wonderings. Now? I never ever thought that this year, this busiest of all years for our family (mainly the David person, but certainly trickling down to each one of us), would be the year for me to start a business, to break through comfort in order to reach for growth.

Have I told you how nervous I get when people actually pay me to take their pictures? I mean, it's like this risk. If I fail, I have seriously let some one down. And yet, I do this because as anxious as I may get before hand, when I am there - camera in hand, and beauty in front of me -  something just happens. Fear is replaced completely by excitement, and -I don't know, I've never known how to explain it. But I think that is why this has blossomed quickly and multiplied. None of it really makes sense - and those are the things that God uses the most.

It hasn't been easy in every aspect. I never want this thing that I do to infringe upon family time, my home, my people. Ever.

I never want the business aspect to over shadow the passion aspect. And yet, finding the business aspect to be very important.

There's friendship intertwined in there, and honestly that has been stretched as well. Communication, reaching for excellence, organization, while trying to relax and enjoy the ride. Yep, a challenge for sure! Gathering the sum of this all up and handing over to God is the best thing I could possibly do. And so I am. Right now. Even as I process through writing.

Also pondering: surgery for my Jay. Thursday morning he will have his first one. Brother K has had 10. Jay's is "routine". "Minor". But you all know that when it is your kid, surgery and minor can't really be used in the same sentence.

Who needs tonsils anyway, right? :) Apparently not Jay. He'll always be my little man, and I hate to see any of my little men in pain. Again - stretched and so much needing to be gathered up...and handed over to God.

Filling out my menu board, and making sure it looks pretty ;)

Getting back on eastern time

Getting back on my reading through the Bible in one year schedule (not too far behind!)

Blueberries (I could ponder blueberries for a long time! I'm in love. Feel free to send me any recipes that contain blueberries)

My first day back at the Center for Women since June

Possible side effects to K's medication increase

My calendar

Whether or not Kai's new bad behavior is vacation related or "I'm almost two, watch me change" related

When I can actually get my family pictures taken

How grown the boys look with their new haircuts

How much I love my family, immediate and extended.

Monday morning ponderings. :)


Sarah M. said...

Prayed for you all as you traveled. Praying for you all as you settle back into your home. Praying also for J and his surgery.

Homer had his tonsils out when he was 2. He wanted french fries on the way home, I hope J does that well too!

Stacey said...

Tonsils are scary. Carter got his out this November as a result of having strep throat 9 nines in less months!!! He was the best patient ever!! Scary, but good!!

Love your pictures and thoughts!!

The Sneaky Mommy said...

I'm glad you're safely home! Isn't it crazy how our minds can be so full of ponderings, lists, concerns, and plans! BUT that's how God has wired us as women (in a good way as we have to multitask) AND can show Himself through giving peace, clarity and focus! Hope you have a great week!!!