Thursday, June 30, 2011

 Pencil hair day

I have decided that I don't have bad hair days. I have pencil hair days.

As in: reading my Bible,
taking notes with my handy dandy pencil,
hair in my face,
lack of motivation to "do" my hair today -
voila: pencil hair.

No more bad hair days for me. It's pencil hair from here on out.
And isn't my Jay becoming quite the photographer? These shots are his creative work.

I'm allowing today to be some what lazy.

Not soap operas/bon bons lazy, but jammie pants/pencil hair, lazy.

The constant busy has been taking a bit of a toll. Getting up at 5:30 am has been awesome and one of the best steps of obedience that I have taken. You know, the whole obedience leading to freedom thing.

And this morning I felt the freedom to stay in bed until 7:30.

To intercept four little boys as they emerged from bedroom doors, sleepy eyed and messy haired, and snuggle them deep under my covers.

To stay in jammies, make a huge mess in french toast preparation, and giggle alot.

To leave the kitchen looking like this

And go outside looking like this

Because when the weather is *perfect*

And boys are growing up *way too fast*

And there are balls to throw

Treats to be had

Rules to be *broken*...

Weird springy things to put sidewalk chalk through

Books to be read (one guess who picked this one)

Kitties to be laid on (I swear these are some of the most tolerant cats I have ever seen! I guess life on this deck necessitates tolerance)

Well, when all of that is true, then it would just be wrong to ignore it and worry about stuff like messes.

Because this whole freedom thing- it's much less about getting things done, and so much more about putting first things first...

 ...And then finding the discipline to get the work done at the proper time.

The freedom to leave things undone to do the more important things, and then, the discipline to get around to doing those things which may not be our first choice. It all goes hand in hand.

I'm learning alot here! Welcome to our day!


Melody said...

Such a balancing act, this parenting thing! I have been working on these same things, so much easier said than done! So thankful that His mercies are new every morning, giving me the chance to get up and try again!

Beautiful pictures! Beautiful post!

Katarina said...

Thank you, I've been thinking on this *stuff* a lot lately. I am always so grateful by how you put things into words.
LOVE your jammie pants btw!

Beth in NC said...

What a super sweet post and lovely photos! I need to just stop and smell the roses myself.

Nicole ♥ said...

I ran into your blog by chance- but God has used you to be so inspiring to me :) I pray you have a blessed weekend!

Nikki said...

LOVE this post!! This whole prioritization thing--I think it's my biggest struggle. Period. I love seeing you embrace the choice to "put first things first" and the joy you find in doing so. It's leave messes and choose not to take care of them....and it's good to know I'm not alone on this journey.