Tuesday, July 5, 2011

 On being community. And being festive. I like both.

Sometimes it's nice to just "be".

Be family.

Be friends.

Be community.

Be thankful {for freedoms so easily taken for granted}.

I'm making lists right now.

Many, many lists. Many miles, many meals, many details to plan for...

But for a minute I want to just be.

This is what our weekend looked like. It was very festive.

I think if I had more time on my hands (I don't know what that would even feel like) there would be alot more festive in my life. Like parties with fun decorations and coordinating foods. I would steal all of my ideas from Pinterest and it would be beautiful. ;)

I've been thinking alot about community lately. We are blessed. More blessed this year than we have been in some years past. There were some lonely years. Constant with babies and not alot else. Don't get me wrong, babies = good. It also can = a bit of isolation and alot of tired.

But now... God is doing something and I like it. Alot.

It's good for us, and it's good for our babies.

Knitting hearts, laughing, loving on each others kids, and being accountable. It's very good.




What could be better than our babies sharing explosives? Nothing says community like that, eh? ;)

Oh wait, I know what's better.

A smokin' hot...


Okay, back to lists. And piles. And lists. And packing. And not driving myself insane trying to take care of vacation details.

I'm going to forget something. And it's going to be okay.

I'm just going to repeat that over and over.

I'm sure there are stores where we are going.

{See, this is me not freaking out}

Until next time,

I hope your weekend was filled with thankfulness and alot of festive.


Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Loved your post and your pictures....Great message...about community

Your song on the blog makes me happy

Nikki said...

I hope your vacation is BETTER than you hope!!

Cheryl said...

I made those same strawberries, also inspired by Pinterest, for the 4th as well! But your photo is definitely much better! :)
Great post!