Monday, June 6, 2011

 Hodge podge

If some body would have told me, even as recently as a couple of months ago, that I was going to photograph a graduation ceremony and a wedding within a couple of hours of each other on a Saturday, I would have laughed. Alot. Like in-your-face-incessant-kind-of-laughing.Alot of insecurity would have been behind that laughter.

But I did it, and I loved it, it was amazing practice for me, and I am learning so much!

Noe never stops talking. I've made that statement already a time or two. Some times I have to tune it out, just to be able to think and concentrate (stay sane, get anything done), but often I will force myself to just slow down, look him in the eye, and listen. When he really isn't making any sense whatsoever, I kindly tell him so. But this kid never ceases to come up with some of the most hilarious stuff I have ever heard! For instance, Dave was trying to teach him about making jokes. Jay and Noe are both in a stage of wanting to tell jokes (alot) and the ones they come up with are so not funny. They look up expectantly like, "why aren't you laughing? I just said, why did the lettuce cross the road? - To go make a salad! Isn't that the funniest thing you have ever heard in you LIFE?" -Needs a little work, ya'know? So Dave was sitting on the floor with Noe, helping him get his shoes on one day as they were discussing jokes. Dave said, "Here's one; What has a tongue, a sole, but can't talk?"

So, of course, without missing a beat Noe immediately pipes up, "A person that lost his voice!" Yep.

Again, in true Noe form, he had me rolling on the floor this past weekend when we were discussing wedding related things. Dave was in a wedding on Friday, so there was much to discuss. Eventually the convo came around to the honeymoon. Noe pauses and sighs, "Mom... why do they call it a honeymoon? There is NO honey and they are not going to the moon!" Love that kid so much!!

Speaking of the wedding - it is only cute for a one year old to stand on his mothers lap, look towards the front of the church, point a chubby little finger and yell "Da-daaaaaa!!! Hi dadaaaaaa!", during a wedding ceremony once. All of the other times he does it though? It begins to get on peoples nerves and disrupt the whole sacred occasion thing. It's a good thing he is so cute. In other news, it ends up that my man is still considerably, abundantly handsome in a tux.

We had a very short, yet very powerful storm here a week ago. It came through fiercely with wind and driving rain, which impaired visibility completely. At one point I looked out our window and saw... nothing. Just wet gray. It lasted less than 10 minutes, but it stole our electricity. Thousands of people were without power. We had no electricity from Sunday afternoon until Tuesday morning. Let me tell you - this was a great reminder on thankfulness for me! I take so much for granted. Raising four boys and keeping up with the house and everything that needs to be done is not an easy task with out electricity. I had to keep telling myself the flip side of that. Raising four boys and keeping up with the house and everything that needs to be done is made so much simpler with electricity and the modern conveniences we have been blessed with! Don't take it for granted ever again! I must say, since it has been back on, I have been doing my tasks with a much more cheerful heart!

I am so proud of my husband for the way that he is following God in really stepping up to lead our family. For a few weeks now he has been getting up at 4:15 to pray and study his Bible. Since he had been getting up at 5:15, to be to work by 6, this was one of the only little windows in his day that he could feasibly do it. It has definitely built some more security in my heart, just knowing that he is leading this family based on listening and talking to God and getting guidance from him. Dave has always been a wonderful husband, daddy, and leader, but this intentional step he has taken has been a very big blessing for our entire family.

I stay in bed for about an hour past the time that Dave gets up. My alarm goes off at 5:30, and I have loved having an hour and a half of quiet to start my day. -Except of course the days when the boys decide that they want to get up early too, then my time is shortened, but I am learning to be flexible.

During my quiet time this morning I read 2 Samuel 25, and this one passage keeps ruminating in my  mind. Over and over. It's a story about how King David wanted to count all of his best soldiers, perhaps to give him some sense of security in the power of his army. Perhaps it was a move motivated by pride. Whatever it was, it seemed that during this counting, David's focus was on himself, his men, his power, and not God. It did not please God. Directly after he did it, he felt remorse. He repented and he knew that there would be consequences. He experienced those consequences, and then was commanded to build an alter to the Lord, at a particular place, pray to God, and seek true repentance. His heart was very humble at this point, and he wanted to do everything God had asked. He went and asked to buy the "threshing floor" which God had signified as the place to build this alter. The owner of said threshing floor wanted to just give it to the king, but David insisted on buying it. "But the king replied,"No, I insist on paying you for it. I will not sacrifice to the Lord my God burnt offerings that cost me nothing."

I am wowed by this. The reverence, the true repentance, the way he put himself aside and acted in utter obedience. I think that I will be spending alot of time on this passage, and learning new treasures of wisdom through it in the next few days, but today two things are continually on my heart:

1) I get very wrapped up in security. Earthly security. Like, counting money, seeing how much is in each account, making plans, and remaking plans, and going over these plans. Only, they are MY plans, and MY thoughts, and MY imagined security. I think that this is very often displeasing to God. Making plans and being wise is not wrong, but if your heart motives stem from self reliance, it's not good.

2) How often do I obey, but in the "easiest and laziest way". If I needed to build an alter on a threshing floor and the owner was going to just GIVE me the threshing floor, I would be saying' "Awesome! Now I can do what I was told and not be out any money! Celebrate!"

I lack that total and deep awe. That face to the floor humility that is so very pleasing to God.

Okay, that could have been a post of its own. I should probably go get something done now. I have about 400 pictures to edit, plus normal stuff like laundry, dishes, meal prep, and a suspiciously smelling one year old singing lullabies to me.


Penny said...

I have to watch my pride, because it's a big problem in my life. It's scary how it can sneak up on me and embed itself in my life without even me noticing. I wonder if David ever noticed how pride was so easy to creep into his life, too. =)

Rach@In His Hands said...

So much to comment on here Wendi, but I think the overall theme is a having a thankful, content, joyful heart...and it looks beautiful on you, as always, friend!