Sunday, May 15, 2011

 In which milk and a spoon remind me how fleeting the time is

Mr. 19 month old Kai has just met an "unofficial milestone"

It's called feeding himself cereal... with a spoon... with milk on it... with minimal spillage.

If you don't think this is a big deal you have likely not been through the process. Trust me; it's a big deal. :)

I remember instances when I would barely find time to eat because meal times consisted of making sure every one had what they needed, helping K with eating certain things that were more difficult for him, and feeding the baby.

Even just taking one thing out of that multitasking equation makes my life noticeably easier.

...And yet, just look at him! Look at that handsome boy growing up quickly before my eyes.

It's a good thing for him to be gaining more and more independence.

It's a good thing to see healthy growth.

He's such a blessing.

But I realize with such clarity, as I watch this process happen, that my time with this precious one is so short.

I don't want to view any of my tasks related to him as a hindrance!

Believe me, there are days when cleaning up after "Tornado Kai" takes all the energy I have.

He dumps the trash
I turn to clean that up
When I turn back I see that he has opened the fridge and dumped a glass of milk
I go grab a washcloth to tend to that
And turn around to see the contents of my desk drawer strewn all over the dining room
At this point I usually feel my blood pressure rising...
That all too familiar feeling of "does anything I do matter? Everything that gets done by me is UNDONE with in minutes! It's all pointless!" washes over me.

But then I stop to remind myself what a blessing he is in this family.

He is silliness and radiance and sweet.

He is starting to say "Wuv UUUUU!" {love you} and it absolutely melts me.

Every toy becomes a phone in his hands and he smiles a huge rainbow of a smile and declares "bye-bye da-da!" {Perhaps this mama talks to that daddy person alot on the phone...}

Yes, my time with him is short.

It may be busy and full of work, but it is so short and I want that time to count.

When I look into those eyes I want to see - I need to see - the next generation of goodness.

I need to realize the weight of responsibility, and the weight of blessings, wrapped up in these little people in my house.

And as I do, I will continue to celebrate all of these self-cereal-feeding type milestones.


Sarah M. said...

He looks so grown with that hair cut!!!! He also looks loads like Jacob in the black and white picture! too sweet!

Anne Elizabeth said...

Such a sweet post! He is so stinkin cute!!! I have my own little tornado, lol. Tonight I came home from running an errand, and he yelled "your back mom" for the first time ever. Then he ran and gave me a hug. Made all of his many messes worth it. :)

Penny said...

=) How sweet! And what darling pictures!!!

The Sneaky Mommy said...

So sweet! Love celebrating those milestones!

Katarina said...

Amen! I love how your words capture life so perfectly.