Tuesday, April 12, 2011

 A story

Once upon a time there was a rather noisy bunch who found themselves with a Saturday that had little to no plans hindering it.

This was not common place for them. So they were happy.

After a delicious and leisurely breakfast, the lone female of the family went on a luxury shopping spree to replenish a few wardrobes. This particular upscale shop was called Ye Garage sale and made for a wonderfully fun morning.

The littlest people of the family were bursting at the seams to go to a park and only asked about this possibility roughly 357 times. Since the weather was finally letting up a bit, and realizing that spring had indeed arrived a couple of weeks ago, the decision makers did comply to this heavily suggested activity.

A light breeze was blowing, the birds were singing, the six people, who really enjoy one another's company, were happily playing, when the first little bit o' chaos struck.

Or rather, the littlest boy was struck...

The littlest decided that it would be very fun to push the biggest in his very large swing. The very large swing does not only swing forward though. What swings forward must swing back and when it swings back it does not look for little ones, who think they are big ones. They all heard a *bang* *splat*... and that was that. The baby was on the ground. The nose was bleeding profusely. The mama's white jacket (really mama? why?) immediately had a new red decor.

The daddy grabbed the baby and went in search of a tissue, the other littles were herded to the van. In a chorus of  "why" and "no" and "we don't want to go!" they were finally all buckled and tight. The mama was concerned, the daddy made some comments, the mama felt bad and reacted in a huff.

Then they all went home.

Laundry was started, feelings were smoothed. The nose was no worse for the wear.

The lone female was soon to be joined by three other ones for a fun evening of creative photography.

She got another one of her eccentric unique ideas and began to tear into a large picture and frame. She had to have that frame and in process of going after this unconventional photo prop - she sliced her finger on the glass.

It flapped and it bled and she tired to ignore it. The middle one saw and he went to get dad. Dad said, no - you mustn't neglect. Call the girls and go get stitched!

Fatigue was setting in at this time in the day, but she called, and she left and she prayed.

A stitch wasn't needed, but much blood was lost. They taped her together and she hurried back home.

Some minutes of sunlight were left in that day. She still got to experiment with photos at sunset. -That made her smile. She even got to use the frame. And she may have even been heard to say, "It was worth it!"

Her camera malfunctioned and the Mr. tore it apart. Small pieces of her treasure were all scattered on the kitchen table. She tried not to let on how her heart felt a bit squeezed.

The littlest ones were tucked in their nests and eyes were heavy for all.

Success finally reigned in the mock camera shop and none was more glad than she.

The last light went out, they shook their heads, and had to just smile and nod.

For this was their life, and a typical day, as they raised boys, pursued dreams, did life, and served God.

They lived chaotically, loudly, tearfully, abundantly, and happily ever after.

The End


Arlona said...

Loved reading the story of your day with Dave and the boys.

Amber said...

Oh my what a day so glad everything turned out allright.

Katarina said...

What a day! Thankful Kai's nose is good and that the finger is healing.

Nikki said...

I really love this post!
I've been looking for a big mirror for one wall of our living room for about a year, and your frame is just what I have in mind (with a mirror inside, of course)...unfortunately none of the stores or secondhand shops in western Washington seem to carry such things. :-( However the hunt is half the fun, isn't it?

Kristen said...

If I was one of your boys I would ask you to tell me a bedtime story every single night because you tell them so well.

I cannot tell you the many times I have thought about your Mama-hood while I settle into the busy-ness of a new mama of two. It's a whole world of its own when there is more than one kid to look after. At times when I am running around the house, getting Cayman out to school or a doctor's appointment, Kobe throws up on me and I look and think, "Uh, it's not that much spit up. I don't need to change my clothes or his." as I dash out the door, I think, "How did Wendi do it? I bet she's got tricks up her sleeve." I wish we could sit over a cup of coffee (it would be cocoa or tea for me, I don't like coffee unless it's full of an unhealthy amounts of sugar and fat) and pick your brain.

Kristen said...

Oh and yes, you detected correctly, Seventies action in my recent photos! Love it so much I have got to make sure not to over-do it! It's just such a dreamy, earthy, sentiment feel. It draws out the emotion in a photo. And I like that!

Kristen said...

I'm off to go check out your photo blog. It's always my favorite when I have gotten behind and get to feast my eyes on several posts at a time. :)

Kristen said...

Okay, now I will quite harassing your comment section.


Kristen said...

Maybe not.

Kristen said...



Amy@My Front Porch said...

What a lovely story...even with all of the bleeding ;) That frame as a prop was totally worth it :)