Thursday, April 14, 2011


A year and a half ago *gasp* someone incredibly special came into my life and changed it for the better.

As long as I live, I will never forget that silky dark hair, those deep blue eyes, and the way his little fists were all curled up the moment I met him.

The first thing I noticed about him was his hair - how could I not? It was this thick, dark, lovely surprise to us.

I already loved him, that was a given. I do that you know. I see two lines on a stick - and my heart loves so, so deeply.

But that day I was once again delighted with the new and the different. One may think that after multiple children -and certainly if they are all the same gender - that it would just be more of the same

No, a thousand times no. There are indeed similarities, and it is fun to see them in each of our boys! But this love, this evolving, increasing, overwhelming love, is so unique for each one of them.

Baby Kai moved from my emotional world into my physical world and my life has not been the same.

I want to treasure you at each stage.

I don't want to forget.

Right now you hide and you climb and you giggle.

You have this sparkle in your eye that speaks of all things mischievous, and sometimes it makes you look older than you are.

Your hair, although still very thick, is not so dark anymore. And your eyes not so blue. I do believe that they are transitioning form daddy's eyes to mommy's eyes - which is quite fascinating!

You think you are at least as old as your brothers, if not older. You try to copy every single thing they do! I am trying to teach them all what a big responsibility they have in regards to you and what they are teaching you...

You get angry and you throw yourself to the floor in intense indignation!

You think daddy hung the moon. That happy dance you do when he gets home from work? -Priceless. Oh yes, this is most definitely one of the things I never ever want to forget!
The "DA-DAAAAA!!!!!" giggle giggle, spin spin, circle circle, run, spin "Dad-dad-dad-dad-dad!"

My favorite right now is how you say "shoes", "juice", and "Cheese" with only the slightest variation of the same word; "Shzewwshz". I don't think my spelling is doing it justice, but it never gets old to me!

My big-ish baby boy, you make my days brighter;  more full of life, and yes, oh so challenging.

I wouldn't trade a minute of the past 18 months with you.

Not the full year of sleepless nights,

not the reflux and spitting up on...everything,

not the chaos, or the dependence, or the times I thought that I had lost my mind when I thought I could handle 4 littles....

No, none of it. I love you, and I love your brothers, and I love this life.

Each day with you is a blessing! Happy 18 months.


Kristen said...

Wendi, I don't know how you do it over and over. You put words behind tender and intense emotions and express it well. You have a gift in writing and capturing moments with words and pictures of what you feel. I stare at my computer screen for minutes that turn into hours trying to do such as this, so that I will never forget these parts of life I love so much. Yet I fail every time. Then I read your words and even though they are of you and from you, I sit here thinking "Yes, yes, yes! That's it. That's exactly how I feel put into words." And then comes the next thought, "Ah dang it! I can't steal it for my own blog post. That's plagiarism."


Beautifully written post today.

Heather of the EO said...

This is so tender and lovely.

Also. I cannot for the life of me believe it's been 1.5 years!!! I'm sure you feel the same. It's all just too fast and so good and so hard and so full and SO GOOD :)

Katarina said...

He is getting to be such a *boy*! 18 months already wow....where does the time fly to?!
I love those pictures of him, what a sweetie.

Alyssa said...

OH MY GOSH. i love him. i already did. but even more now that he's away from me. i can't wait to see you & your boys soon. (you for the shower, them at the wedding...) great post! =)

Penny said...

=) That is one adorable little kid!!

Amy@My Front Porch said...

It's hard to believe that you were pregnant with that big 1 1/2 year old when I started following your blog! How much has changed! He is precious!!

BARBIE said...

What a precious little one. He looks so full of peace and tender heartedness.

Anonymous said...

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