Sunday, January 16, 2011

 When life slows for a moment

This weekend has been so incredibly rare that I just had to take a moment to record it.

I'm so thankful, and I want to use this little spot to record good.

The good is this: After work on Friday afternoon Dave was done with work for three days, done with school for a couple of weeks, and the boys were done with school until Tuesday.

Ever since October our little family has been in a season of life that has been rather strenuous. Dave and I have met one another coming and going - and every now and then have had a moment to regroup and compare notes.

It has been constant, slightly hectic, and manageable only because we know that it is only for a season.

This three day weekend is indeed a gift. It's almost like on Friday at 4:00 I literally felt our accelerated schedule coming to a temporary halt.

I know it will take off again on Tuesday morning. I know that it will be a long time until this happens again. And I know that we will have to manage the crazy for several months once again.

But right here, right now, I am basking in unhurried moments with 5 guys who bring light into my days.

Friday night we enjoyed pizza as a family. Dave played play station with Jay (who was in bonding-with-daddy heaven). We put the boys to bed a little bit early and then Dave and I watched a movie together.

May not sound like a big deal to y'all.

Y'all, it was a big deal.

Do you know that as we began searching our memories we came to the conclusion that it has been over two years since we have sat down and watched a movie together?? Wowwww....

I'm talking about OTHER than Little Einstein's and Veggie Tales movies by the way...

And then yesterday we went on a date. A real date!

I didn't let an upper respiratory infection and double ear infections get in my way. Are you kidding me? It would take something alot worse than that to stop me!

One of the best things about last night: uninterrupted conversation. It was so foreign - and I enjoyed every second!

Today we got to sleep in, Dave made us an amazing breakfast, and THEN we were able to go to church together as a family.

All of us.


Again, may not sound that earth shattering, but trust me - this is big.

Tomorrow we are all going on a road trip to Grand Rapids to meet K's new neurosurgeon (this is our brand of family fun).

Loving, loving, loving this while it lasts...

It's like for a moment we have stepped off from this forward moving conveyer belt. And I'm pretty sure this is called God's grace. A slight reprieve right when it was needed.


Katarina said...

Prasing God for your wonderful weekend and that you all got to be together at church (I get that and what a big deal it is!)
Hope you have a good trip tomorrow.

Chelle said...

Oh so happy to hear you are getting a sweet little breath-er right now and for the one-on-one time together with your man. I am counting down the days until a little four day getaway David is taking us on...

Enjoy single every hour left to your blissful downtime dear.

Kristen said...

It all sounds simply wonderful! Indeed, a big deal! :) Especially watching a movie together for the first in 2 years!! Holy cow, that's a long time! My husband and I just watched a movie together over the weekend and we were talking about how long it had been since we were able to watch one without having to pause a numerous times through it. Kids definitely change the movie-watching ability.

My daughter sees a Neurosurgeon in Michigan..not Grand Rapids but in Ann Arbor. I hope you like this new one. Safe travels.

BARBIE said...

I am so thankful for this time you have together as a family.

Rachel @ Unexpected Blessings said...

Last night when you walked in with your four beautiful boys you looked so great. It seems funny to see you with all of them. I know you are a mom of 4 boys, but I rarely see them all with you at the same time.

So glad you got time with Dave. Hope you found some time for snowmobiling! ;)

Rach@In His Hands said...

This posts screams joy! So happy that you shared this goodness with us.

Miss you friend...when are we getting together again?!

Hayley said...

I so get this Wendi!!!

I'm so glad for your weekend! Hope your love tank is filled up for a little while! :-)