Monday, January 24, 2011

 What I'm learning...

Thinking ahead and giving attention to the next mornings details, the night before, makes for mornings that are multiple times more calm and tolerable for all.

Boys will be boys. No matter what. I can run from that truth, be intimidated by it, or learn to praise God for this part of his creation. I'm studying the art of what makes boys (small and grown) tick. I may not ever truly understand them, but I can heap love on them all the days of their lives.

It is sad when 12 degrees feels a wee bit toasty.

I will likely always have sweaty palms and shaky hands when I speak in front of many people. But when I focus on the fact that "It isn't about me", zero in on the passion I have for what I am speaking about, and slow down, God can use what I am saying.

When I trust God {completely - no holding back} with our finances there is always, always, a blessing in it.

The world does not stop if all of the toys are not picked up at the end of the day {deep breath}.

Starting the day in God's word isn't some magic formula to a perfect day. But it sure is an incredible encouragement and priceless guide!

When your day starts at 5:30am it is wise to end it around 9:00pm.

There is nothing like a long soak in a large, corner, jacuzzi tub, with candles lit {nothing}.

Insecurity is one of the sneakiest and strongest forms of arrogance {self awareness at its peak}.

Allowing my kids a little bit more freedom, time away from me, and opportunity to make their own choices is stinkin' crazy, tear inducing, hard for me. And so, so good for them and me.

Having a child with special needs gives all the more opportunity to learn what love really is, and vast opportunity for growth.

January is long.

The end.


Penny said...

So true...a little edited to deal with me...

33 degrees is toasty for me now...

My day begins at 6:30 and ends at 10 p.m.

I want a jacuzzi tub. ;)

Heart this blog...but that's not surprising. =)

My word verification is "sings."

The Sneaky Mommy said...

I can whole-heartedly relate and agree with so many of these things! God is good to patiently and graciously teach us! how does one go about getting a jacuzzi tub?

arlona said...

Enjoyed seeing your family yesterday and seeing Caleb with Dave on the couch. Usually it is Jay next to his daddy. How did you like the studio plans that Dave was working on?