Saturday, January 29, 2011

 My impulsive brain welcomes you

I'm thinking about bangs. Not little fringy wispy things, nope - I'm talkin' the real thing. I was probably 8 or 9 the last time I had thick, brow brimming bangs. I haven't convinced myself to go for it yet, but I'm close. Some women can pull off the thick bangs look in a stunning fashion. Some, not so much. Scary not to know where I will land here.

I have successfully posted a picture every single day on my photo blog since the second day of this new year. It has been challenging and very fun! I love forcing myself to see things from several different perspectives. This is helping me to accomplish that desire.

This little boy... oh my. What can I say - he slays me with one look. My heart is a mess. All melty and squishy when he smiles and jabbers. He is at a point where he most definitely requires discipline. I am at a point where I most definitely need to stand firm in the face of severe cuteness (yes, even when he is sternly angry  - gah! What's a mama to do???).

This strange thing is happening with his eyes. Do you remember when they were so stunningly clear blue? They appear to be turning into mine. Hazel. Kind of murky. Changes with moods. Interesting.

I overheard a conversation the other day between two women. One had worked subbing as K's aid in his classroom. "He's 8. Yeah, he knows classical songs by heart - and each composer!! It's crazy. He knows Mozart, and Tchaikovsky (yes, I just googled that to figure out how to spell it. Don't judge. K was occupied elsewhere and couldn't help me) - and he hums the melodies!"  - They think he is super smart. The truth? - He has seen one too many Little Einstein episodes. Ooops. What they don't know won't hurt them, eh?

I've never been on a missions trip. I can't get missions out of my mind. And you better believe I have tried! If you know me, you know that I will look for all of the possible justifications and ways out before I finally concede on something. Does this preoccupation with missions mean that we need to pack up and go overseas? Does it mean I need to increase my giving, more sacrificially? Perhaps that I should increase my awareness of the plight of those less fortunate than us? Focus on missions right here in my community?

Well, yes. And no. And all of the above. And I'm not really sure yet. I'm in that, "Okay God - you have my attention. What are you trying to say to me?" stage.

I am studying Proverbs 31 with my Mom2mom group at church. For the first time in my life I am understanding the depth of my responsibility, privilege, and calling in my home. This past week we investigated our own emotional stability (or lack of such...). *gulp* We looked at what God's word says about our ability to keep our emotions under control. We also tread on that thin ice of being stable despite our oh-so-precarious hormones. Oh yes, we did.

One of my favorite quotes from the study book we are using ("Beautiful in God's Eyes" by Elizabeth George) is this: "God's beautiful Proverbs 31 woman was the sparkling jewel in her husband's life. She brought the love, the color, the joy, the life, and the energy to the home... I am to light up the home with sparkle no matter how hard times are". 

Ladies, let's sparkle!! Doesn't that sound fun? Yes. but it is weighty too.

It is so on. I am doing this. I love that I get to bring the energy into my home. Positive or negative? My choice. Better make it a good one.

I'm bidding on a dress on eBay (trying to get a deal! It's part of being virtuous). It makes me catch my breath when I view it, and wait to see if I will win it. It's not like I go look at it several times a day or anything. La-ame! But it's silk, vintagey, and ivory with a thick black sash. It's feminine, soft looking, with some subtle ruffling, and pretty wow. Two days left.

I had a battle of wills party with my four year old yesterday morning. It was exhausting. His negotiating skills are crazy. He may have the advantage of cuteness. He may have the advantage of taking me by surprise. He may have the advantage of mini-lawyer syndrome. But guess what. I'm the mom. I will follow through. I will not back down. So try that on for size little mister "I object".

Why is Papa John's pizza so dang good? What do they put in the crust that makes me want to go back every day? Do I want to know? Is it legal? What's with that garlic butter goodness? Ugghh. Some body stop me.


Megan said...

Okay girly, you have a.) OFFICIALLY made me want Papa Johns pizza even though we don't have one out here on the west coast I don't think... and b.) made me smile, as always!

I've been thinking about bangs too, but I am too scared for such a drastic change I think! (I haven't had bangs since 5th grade! :O)

Alyssa said...

i feel as if i have something to say about every paragraph of this post. :] so i think i will do JUST that!
#1: well since shane hates bangs, i thought when's a better time to really try them than after the knot is ties and it's official! i will be cutting these bold babies something late summer. i would encourage you to do the same. it's bold. and at worst - it's 1 month of bangs growing out enough to be side bangs. nothing too huge. it's not like we've never cut off some...all...of our hair before. even better yet - do you want to take the leap together this summer? (if our men allow...and if you hang on long enough.)
#2: i have LOVED your photo blog. i look forward to it everyday.
#3: he has me wrapped around his little bitty finger. i need him in chicago with me. as with all your boys, but especially with him. i'm not ready for him to be a walker talker when i see him next.
#4: again. he's adorable. x100.
#5: "hey alyssa" "yeah K?" "(insert any little einstein's ;] and he IS brilliant.
#6-7: if you leave, i'll go with you. you'll need someone to watch those little guys.
#8-11: i just finished a personal prov. 31 study and realized who i am to be a wife? especially a perfect one. and yet, God has called me to it. and He wants me to pursue it with holiness. so cool!
#12: if you do or don't win this dress, i would like to see it. :]
#13: i love noe. tell him that. and to everyone in your family.
#14: speaking of goodness, i can't get those homemade pretzels out of my mind these past few days.

Amy@My Front Porch said...

Beautiful in God's Eyes -- one of my fave books -- you're making me want to reread it! And also making me want some Papa John's :)

Nikki said...

I want that Bible study book!!

Go for the bangs. Just go for it. I did that as a teenager...having very curly hair, the Cleopatra bangs were gorgeous for the first day, but as soon as I washed my hair, I had really curly springs sticking out of my forehead. I live vicariously through straight-haired women who can have bangs when they want them!

Did you win the dress on eBay? I'm dying to see a photo of it!