Monday, October 4, 2010

 Like momma like son...

So there is a certain five year old that lives in this house, who has been getting very grown lately.

In the past he has seemed to be the least like me out of everyone in this household.

There are the obvious differences,


He is all boy


I am very girly-girl.

And then the not so obvious,

the more subtle details of character,


He is impulsive

I am a planner.

He lives life out loud and with a very strong will.

I tend to be more quiet and go with the flow.

He is out-of-this-world stubborn.

I am...

wait, never mind.

Moving on.

Lately he has been pointing out to ME our similarities. And I really see them too. He is changing in many ways. Some of them are great; wonderful signs of maturity and growing into his own interests and unique traits. Some of them are not so good. In that category would be his new found shy anxiety that I relate to way too much...

Regardless, it has been a JOY to watch this little man grow, learn, and become more and more "Jay". Our precious Jay.

Last week he walked into the house after a long day at school and noticed the cushions were off of the couch. Taking the cushions off from the couch and converting it into a boat, sailing on the high seas, has been a fav of Jay and Noe's for as long as they could toddle around and say "boat mama! Boat!".  But on this particular day, Jay looked at the living room floor, littered with cushions and blankets, and shook his head.

He said, "mom, why is this room such a mess?!" I explained to him what Noe and I had been playing. I was sure that he would jump on board (quite literally) and enthusiastically join in. Instead he began picking up and resettling the entire room, cushions and all. "Mom, I think I am becoming more like you. I don't like messes anymore. I think I know why you don't like messes now. I want this cleaned up."

I still can't figure out if I like this change or not. I'll let you know when I decide.

Now here's the clincher that this kid is indeed mine (Because 2 1/2 hours of pushing after 8 hours of labor wasn't quite enough to clinch it for me). We gave him our old point and shoot digital camera. 

Oh my! -Is this kid obsessed. Sound familiar? Maybe a little bit?

We have downloaded hundreds of pictures that he has taken! We download them into his special "Jay" folder on our computer and he is so proud.

He seems to already have an eye for unique pictures. And I am so proud. :) We have even sat down and done some editing together. Be still my heart.

I now present you with, the world according to Jay behind the lens:

His little basket ball hoop. I love that he took this through the screen on our front porch window.

Library books

One of his beloved kitties, "Smoky".
 Little brother. Possibly getting ready to throw the ball right at the photographer?

Mom. We still need to have the "flash is evil, find a window with light streaming through before you take the picture" talk.

Little brother. Perhaps visually assualted by the evil flash?

Good times. And good creativity by my Jay. Love him! (But really, I would never wear a camouflage jacket)


Anonymous said...

Even if it was pink camo? ;o)

Anonymous said...

PS: Great pictures and a good eye even if he doesn't know the evils of flash yet. :)

Katarina said...

Awesome pictures!!

BARBIE said...

What a precious boy you have. I was LOL at the comment about not liking the mess and wanting it cleaned up. I so wish my 7yo would do that! He took some great shots. Great eye for creativity!

une autre mère said...

Great pics, Jay! How fun that you guys have a hobby you can share! Maybe Tate will enjoy scrapbooking and shopping someday... but probably not... ;)

Stacey said...

I bet you would wear camo if it was pink!!!

Too cute a budding photographer!!

The Sneaky Mommy said...

What a sweet little photographer! It's so fun to watch our children develop and match their traits to us!

Amy@My Front Porch said...

Isn't it fun {and sometimes a little scary} to see your personality mirrored in your child?

Jay definitely seems to have inherited his mommy's eye for photography!

cori said...

i love it!

Tori said...

Love this whole idea! I think I know what Will's 5th birthday present will be...Are you on FB? If so I'd love to be 'friends' but I don't know your last name. LOL.