Saturday, October 16, 2010

 His memory puts life into my ministry...

Infant loss remembrance week...

Remembering him...

But can't get my mind off of them.

So many of them - they were never even given a chance.

We had him for 10 days.

And I grieve deeply.

Because we loved him,

and we wanted him.

More than I can even express.


about the young girl.

What it felt like to hug her,

and the surprise of how much I loved her in that short afternoon time span.

Watching her see her baby for the first time on the ultra sound screen.

Her weeping.

How much bigger the circumstances seemed to her than the truth that was clearly shown that day.


The thump-a-thump-a-thump that reverberated through the room - just screaming "life".

Her face.

Her sobs.

Yes, I remember.

I will remember our journey, and I will grieve beyond that.

I don't know the ending to her story.

But in the middle of the night when her face is all I can see, my heart whispers prayers that truth broke through.

Remember them.

They don't have a voice.

We do.

We do, people -Let it be heard.

It doesn't need to be shouted.

It doesn't need to be pushy

It doesn't need to be aggressive.

It needs to be reflective {reflect Him, be His hands and feet, be His voice}.

It needs to be gentle and loving.

It needs to be empathetic.

It needs to speak the truth.


Megan said...

Their voices are still so loud through us! And each of our sweet babies bring so many people closer to him because of it!

I lit a candle last night. And as I sat there watching the soft flicker, thinking of my precious girl, I thought of baby Joshua as well.

I am sure they have met Wendi! And that is why I found your blog... <3

Leslie said...

oh Wendi.
beautiful post.
love the last three lines so much...

your such a gifted writer, with a beautiful heart for HIs people.

Jenn said...

Beautiful words...for beautiful souls.