Monday, June 14, 2010

 244 days of Kai

At 8 months of age you...

...Are incredibly wiggly. Like, must be watched closely even when you are in our arms or you will maneuver your body out - wiggly

...Like to wash things. I know - odd. You pull yourself over to the container of wipes, get one out, and start washing everything in sight. I will likely be trying to nurture this quality and use it to my advantage one day.

...Still have the scent of heaven lingering in your hair. I inhale it deeply every time you are in my arms. I know this won't last forever, because the longer you are here on earth the more that scent fades.- But for now, it is my bliss.

...Think that "outside" is magic. You are thrilled from head to toe when you: a) look out a window, b) hear some one say "outside", or c) {The ultimate} enter into the great outdoors for yourself.

...Just got broken of the hideous habit of spitting out every.single.spoonful of your baby food. Mommy thanks you kindly. And thanks your daddy who took over the feeding for a while and some how convinced you to stop the spitting.

...Still do not sleep through the night.

...Have the flexibility of a gymnast. When I see you sitting in your highchair sucking on your big toe I am duly impressed.

...Trump my groggy in the early morning with an alert happy.

...Love food. Plain and simple.

...Still nurse 6-7 times in a 24 hour period

...Are so ticklish - and you produce giggles that seem to come from deep in your belly.

...Adore your brothers - being especially attached to K right now. Unfortunately he is not all that fond of you in your getting-into-everything-including-his-beloved-Little-Einstein-computer stage. Watching you follow him around in your army crawl style is priceless though.

...Don't use a bottle anymore. Sippy cup all the way.

...Remind me most of Jay when he was your age. Lots of pros and cons there.

...Have no teeth.

...Have already had your first haircut. -And still have more hair than some two year olds. Your hair is beginning to have some dark red tints and your eyebrows have a red tinge as well.

...Weigh 18 lbs 12 oz.

...Have the most fascinating ability to use your legs and feet as if they were arms and hands.

...Hold your mommy's heart in the palm of your hand.

I hope some day you will have the slightest idea of how much joy you bring into my life.


Dawna said...

Oh, Wendi. Beautiful post, beautiful boy. He is so sweet! It makes me happy to hear how much joy he brings you! What a sweet blessing.

Barbie said...

What a beautiful blessing you have. The pictures are amazing. I especially love the first one. Don't you wish they could stay this age forever?

Katarina said...

He is so beautiful. What a sweetheart, I can see how he has worked his way deep into your heart!
I love that last photo of the two ofyou, so very precious.
Hope you are enjoying these days.

Amy@My Front Porch said...

What a sweetie! The first and last pictures are my favorite :)

Kristin said...

This is absolutely beautiful. The words and the pictures tell an amazing story. I think when my little man can sit up we are going to have a little trip to your house for some photos:) Pretty please.

Amanda said...

oh wendi...he is such a gorgeous (and handsome!) little man. and your love for him is so evident in this post...i cannot believe how fast our babies are growing. too too fast if you ask me!

~beautyandjoy~ said...

These are so precious and SO beautiful! He is gorgeous.

Anne Elizabeth said...

I loved all these pictures. I CANNOT believe he is already 8 months. That flew by so fast.

Trisha said...

He is so beautiful! Time goes by so fast!

Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

Just as cute as ever...both of you :)

Sara said...

I am fasinated by those that can use their toes like fingers!
He is so adorable.
NO teeth yet really? It is wonderful and amazing how God makes each of us unique, growing at our very own pace. I loved watching (and still watching that) with my own. But OH that FIRST year, there is NOTHING like it. :)

Heather of the EO said...

Oh my... I can't stand it. He's just so precious. As are you.