Saturday, May 22, 2010

 When words fail

Sometimes words just fail me.

On days when I grieve for sweet friends who must go down a path I know well and desperately want to protect them from

I have no words.

When babies die

I have no words.

When marriages fall apart

I have no words.

When it seems the world around me is crumbling

Words just fail me.

When I hold my youngest and tears fall - tears of immeasurable gratefulness, tears of deep sadness for the aching arms of so many mothers around me, tears of confusion, questions...

There are more tears than words.

When I am in the safety of arms that hold me, love, me protect me, and fight for me, tears fall - tears of unmatched thankfulness, tears of heartbreak for so many around me who are not protected and who long for true love, seeking it in all of it's artificial forms

I have no words.

And through everything it dawns on me that as safe and protected as I feel, no one is truly protected from the pain and suffering of this world.

In an instant anything could change for any one of us. And our hope must not be on those things that can change.

There is only one constant. Only one forever and lasting truth.

Everything secure and good and unchanging is wrapped up in Jesus Christ.

And as I work through all of that - I really have no more words.


Leslie said...

tears falling here too...

Amber said...

Just wanted to let you know I just gave you an award!

Chelle said...

more tears here...

Jasmine said...

Love you Wendi!

Tracy said...

Hard to type for the tears. I know God lead me here to read this today. I needed it more than you could ever know. Blessings my friend.

Trisha said...

Praying for your friend. I'm so sorry.