Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Noah Ben, You came into this world on a chilly, but pleasant December morning {morning by only 22 minutes}. So close to Christmas. By far the best gift I could ever receive. No Christmas gift can ever top the one I received on December 22nd, 2006. You. You came into the world gently with sweet little gurgles and a low key cry.

 So different then your brother K's scary entrance into the world. So different than your brother Jay's tumultuous screaming entrance into the world. You were you. And you were unique, content, and lovely in every way.

Your name means comforter, and you have lived up to that definition time and again in your THREE years. When you were only a wee little 6 week old, and K had to have emergency brain surgery, I could not be there for him because you needed me. And I held you so long and so tightly while I waited for phone updates form your daddy. Your warm cuddly little body was the best comfort I ever could have received at that time. God knew. And he blessed me during those long hours through you.

When you were 18 months old and we found out that another little babe inside of mommy did not have a beating heart - I held you so long and so tightly. You will never know the comfort you brought to my heart. But, it was like some how you did know. You were a squirmy active toddler, but for hours on that day you were still in my aching arms. You comforted me.

In you I see so much of me. The compassion is wonderful. The sensitivity is sweet. Oh, but how I pray you will be able to stand strong against the hurts of life. I know exactly how it is to be sensitive to a fault - and part of me feels bad to see that fault in another person. You. It can be used for so much good. And I pray that we will take the wisdom God offers and guide your dear little heart in a direction that will bring glory to Him.

Your huge eyes sparkle so beautifully when you laugh.

Your smile makes every one around you smile.

Your imagination is so very entertaining!

You always talk about "your project" -and no one really knows exactly what that "project" is. The funny thing is - I don't think you even have a solid definition of it. -because it seems to change each day. Sometimes your project has to do with singing, sometimes crafts, sometimes toys, games, or something completely made up.

You, my child, are a charming and engaging little man. You can also be whiny, fussy, demanding, and just a tad frustrating {in your not-so-charming moments}. But, in all of your moments, good and bad, we love you deeply. Always and forever. No matter what. Because you are you. Happy third birthday!!


Jessi said...

So adorable and sweet! Happy Birthday!!

Stacey said...

What a nice tribute to your baby boy!!! Happy Birthday Noe!

Katarina said...

Happy Birthday! Hope his day is filled with love and laughter.
Your post brought tears to my eyes, such a sweet birthday note for Noe.

Amanda said...

what a precious and priceless gift this post is to your little noe. happy birthday little man!

Noah and Ryders Mommy said...

Happy birthday to little Noe!!

Rach@In His Hands said...

Perfect birthday post. Happy Birthday Noe!!!

sanjeet said...

Happy Birthday! Hope his day is filled with love and laughter.

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