Wednesday, October 28, 2009

 {2 weeks}

I don't want to forget your little tiny newborn-ness which I know will soon only be a distant memory. Your little legs that have just about zero fat on them. Those little grunts and squeaks... You rarely really cry and we only heard you scream those first two nights. Now it's just little "I'm hungry" noises. I never want to forget the way you love anything that is reminiscent of life in the womb. Being swaddled tightly, gentle rocking -back and forth. Warmth. Curling up - getting your body as small is it possibly can get. I don't want to forget the way that you look up at me with those huge dark eyes when you nurse. You just stare up into my eyes - all the while never losing focus on your meal. Because really, lets face it, you are a huge, huge fan of eating. You are demanding it, I am supplying it, and right now I feel like I could feed several babies... I want to treasure the memory of our early morning "just us" time. After daddy leaves for work and before your brothers are up you really wake up. That 6am feeding is followed by sweet whispers and cuddles in mommy's bed. You want to smile - you really do, and especially during that time! I so look forward to that first smile which will likely break through in a month or so. Baby Kai, you are blessing this family in so many ways. My hopes weren't extremely high for a smooth transition. And I am blown away by the ease to which you have so naturally become a part of "us". "Us" - this family of six. Stubborn, loud, sweet, bickering, busy, loving, demanding, rewarding family. You are a part of us and we love you fiercely. Last week I received a card from a sweet lady who attends church with us and what she wrote inside really touched my heart and reminded me of why you have been given to us. I had many congratulations and sweet words to welcome you from friends and family - but these particular words reached beyond the sweet happy time of welcoming a new baby and into the truth of the responsibility we have for the next several years. She said, "We are so happy for you and are praying for you as you begin the journey of showing another sweet boy the way to Jesus." It's been two weeks and every day that is my prayer baby boy. Because that's really what it is all about.


Katie@The Baby Factory said...

It has only been two weeks?? It seems like much longer.
In a very good way :)

Sara said...

I still can't get over all that dark hair!!
I wish we could bottle up thst newborn sweetness!

Anne Elizabeth said...

He is so precious! I have that exact basket:)

Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

Oh that newborn-ness is so short it all up, he is gorgeous!

Heather of the EO said...

That boy is so incredibly sweet. I love love love his hair. So happy for you.