Monday, August 10, 2009

 Well, hello summer!

So yesterday summer finally arrived in Michigan. Seriously, it has been the strangest summer I've experienced in a long time! For the past month and a half I have only run the a/c about three times. And that includes what I am accustomed to as one of the hottest months of the year; July. It has been very mild, overcast many days, and just not your typical summer. But alas - we have hardly noticed as we have run all over, keeping appointments, vacations, soft ball games, work on the house. So many days Dave and I have simply met each other at the door as one of us has arrived and the other left. Days have been busy, nights have been short, and energy levels sapped. And yesterday it hit me. Things really have finally slowed down for us! I wasn't sure if it would happen or not, but it has. Summer occupational therapy and physical therapy is now over for K. Swimming lessons are over for Jay. Softball season has ended for another year. Two family reunions are now just memories. Our planned travels for the summer are done. I only have one more month of my weekly trips to my doctor's office for progesterone shots. We have another month until K starts kindergarten and five weeks till Jay begins preschool. Mom's group, Wednesday night Awana, and all of the activities of fall, including that little detail - a new baby - :) are still future busyness. But for now - just for now we are having a bit of a respite form all of the running around. Perhaps we are simply in the eye of the storm?? :) Yesterday we went to church together as a family, enjoyed grilling for lunch, enjoyed our a/c (because, as I said, summer weather finally arrived in the form of 95 degrees and super high humidity - that's more like the summers I know!!), enjoyed the boys all resting nicely for an hour and a half, and then enjoyed our pool. Talk about relaxing! It was really, really nice! Saturday was a flurry of tasking for both Dave and I. Dave - finally getting back into our bedroom project which has had to have been put on hold due to our busy schedules and not even being here to work on it for much of the past month. Electricity was wired up, lights were installed and a ceiling fan was put up. He was busy busy! As for myself, well - I can't seem to get away from the nesting bug. It hit in a big way on Saturday and I was frantically going through closets, bins, dresser drawers, cupboards, nothing was safe and every thing was in danger of being pitched. :) We worked non stop from breakfast to supper - and in between all of our tasking we shared in responsibilities of the little guys who were running circles around us. It was a very successful day, and made our restful Sunday even that much more enjoyable. I know that things have to get done. I know that the life we chose is a busy one. I understand responsibility and all of that... But the way we were yesterday brought such joy... Plus I got a beautiful hour to finally sit down and figure out some more about my camera (yes, the one with packing tape over the battery door) and my photo editing software. Our Sunday:
(Yes, he really is that cute! And check out K over to the left - that's a white wash cloth he is rubbing on his face - one with writing on the tag.)
(A.dor.a.ble!) (No, I really was not unhappy, and yes, I really did wear earrings into the pool, and yes, Malachi did grow a bit over the weekend.) So, how's your summer been? Super busy? Fun and relaxing, a mixture of both? I do ♥ summer!!
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Gwendolyn said...

Love the pictures! Too cute! And...I envy you for having a while before school starts back. My kids went back last Monday, and I'm tired already. LOL

Beth in NC said...

Great pictures. And wow, we've had nothing but summer here in NC.

I'm glad you enjoyed the sun and heat.

Have a great day!

Katarina said...

Enjoy the quiet and the arrival of summer.
Your kids are so sweet.
Have a great week!

Mama Belle said...

Could you be any cuter? I think not.

Precious babies. Kids are so cute when they're outside, playing, swimming, enjoying life.

Summer's over here. Well, the relaxing part of it. Most kids started school today, but mine start next Monday. I think summer is actually busier than the rest of the year. Not sure why. So much to do. I'm so ready to get back into a routine.

Enjoy the rest of your summer!

Lena said...

Love the baby bump- you look so cute wendi! It sounds like you have had a summer similar to ours- much cooler than normal. But this week we are expecting temps up to 31 degrees! Yippee! Maybe we will all get our indian summer and a late winter- that would be nice!

Heather of the EO said...

Look at you in your cute suit. (I think I have the same one in black...but I won't be wearing it because it would look weird while I'm not pregnant)

It's been coolish here too, until this last week.

Love all your photos...and your thoughts...and you.

Rachel @ Unexpected Blessings said...

Yes, summer has arrived! Where was I on the hottest day of the summer? At Michigan's Adventure where I forgot to bring SUNBLOCK!!! Chad, Faith, & I are all crispy critters today! Thankfully Grace & Hope did not burn.

Oh and by the way... You are too cute!

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

Love seeing this pics of you all hanging out and enjoying family time! Noe could not be any cuter - and neither could you! Awesome swimsuit.

So when you grill - does Dave man the grill or do you? I'm just curious. Ricardo is the griller around here, and I am not even sure I know how to turn on the grill. That's how clueless I am. :)

Jenn @ A Country Girl's Ramblings said...

This summer in Michigan has been odd hasn't it! My garden is so confused right now! Loved the pictures of you and your boys enjoying some time together in the swimming pool!

Stacey said...

Love your green suit!!! Fun fun days!! We need some relaxing time too I think!! Did you get a new camera?? I love taking pics and practicing with family is the best!!!