Sunday, June 8, 2008

 Still here...

Just tired. Like really really tired. Hit the wall tired. And it is a big, thick, impenetrable wall. Yes it was only a couple of short weeks ago that I was reporting an adrenaline high. I had energy. I knew it wouldn't last. I could see the wall in the distance. At least I expected it, that does help. :)
Last week was the first full week I had all three boys home all day. Every day. My darling sweet little boys. My energy was drained by mid week. It's funny because K is not a super high maintenance guy, and he was only gone for morning preschool each day. So why does having him home all day make such an enormous difference?! I don't know. What I do know is that I need to find enough energy to do some very intentional parenting, set out to incorperate a schedule and lay down some rules to make this summer go a little bit more smoothly than last week went.

I did experience some refreshment yesterday morning, but it was only a temporary reprieve from the wall of exhaustion. I got my hair cut and highlighted - which is always a nice treat (I took the scary plunge and went for blonde highlights and bangs). While I was gone my husband was trying to prove he was super dad or something, because he took a 13 mile bike ride with all three boys. Yes, all of them! We have the cart thing that goes behind his bicycle, which two ride in, then we recently purchased a child bike seat that is installed in front of Dave's seat. So, he took over 100 pounds in kiddos with him on his bike ride. He amazes me! After a quick bite to eat at home we went to a graduation party, then took our guys to a park. It was a great day, but the wall followed me every where I went!

This morning I had nursery duty at church. A couple of other women and I were in charge of 11 children under the age of 2 in nursery today. Whew! Of course my Noe decided that if he wasn't attached to me the entire hour and a half he was going to just melt into a puddle of nothingness, so he set out to let me know unattachment would not be tolerated. Upon finishing up my duties there, we loaded every one up, headed home and each of my dear sweet boys (just the 3 young ones, Dave was pretty well behaved) decided that melt down time had arrived. In unison they began their chorus of high pitched screams. Perhaps they have all hit their own exhaustion wall... They do not do well when they are tired. They are all in their beds now. I do not think they are all asleep, but they will stay in their beds for at least an hour. Mama needs a nap. Really badly! My sticky floors and cluttered table will just have to wait. I will try to compose some at least partially coherent posts this week. At the moment I fear that simply keeping up with the necessities of life is a big enough hill to climb. I'm sure after a nap all will look brighter and less intimidating. :)


Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

go take a long, long nap :)

Your hair is super cute!!!

mamachristina said...

I am whooped for you you, I hope you get a good rest and I love love the haircut and the color.

Sarah M. said...

Love the look! The colors make such a difference. Now I am not sure I want to go back to all one color on Friday. I am excited to see Laura for my hair care again, but I need to decide what I am doing BEFORE I get there. I am kinda in the "danger zone" with my hair. You know. Kinda liking it longer again, but needing a little layering and thinnning it out. BUT also terribly close to chopping it all off! The bangs are finally grown out, but I'm not sure I like it.... You know me!

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

I'm with you on this one! Last week was my 1st full week with all 4. The older two are self-sufficient but the younger ones are my constant concern. By week's end, I was sort of feeling like we were getting into the flow of things. We'll see how this week goes.

Summer is a shock to my system. And while I'm glad for the break from school routine and feel so fortunate to be home with them instead of punching a clock, parenting can be just plain draining.

I'll be thinking of you this week in my more stressfilled moments and offer a prayer on your behalf.


Rachel said...

I hope you are better after your nap! How did you sleep without the sounds of Nascar lulling you to sleep?

Your hair looks super cute! Hope I can see it in person soon.

I hope you can settle into a better routine this week. I am kinda nervous about that myself!

dani said...

whew... i got tired just reading... i was exhausted by the time i got to dave's 13 mile bike ride (are you sure he went the whole way or just around the block??? HA!!!)
your hair is darling: i love the bangs!!!
i hope you are somewhere sleeping or at least chillaxing.

The Bayou Belles and Their Beau said...

Naps are the best!

Elizabeth said...

like the hair!

and...i took a nap today also...and i'm not even pregnant!

Little Candle said...

I don't know how you do it...of course you hit a wall. I'm exhausted aftering running after my son all day...three would definitly keep you busy and pregnant to boot. I hope you were able to get some good, quality rest.

Sarah :)
P.S. Love the new haircut!

Mrs. N. said...

You are gorgeous. Love your new hair do. I hope you get such well needed rest.

Stacey said...

My first full week of the kids home was hard too! I can't imagine being pregnant too!

Go Wendi Go!