Sunday, June 22, 2008

 18 months

Dear Noe,
A year and a half? Really? Reliance is turning into independence. There are more giggles. There are more fits. Who ever would've thought you'd be such a hand full? :) You were a very gentle and content baby. Who is this that you are becoming? I'll tell you little one. You are becoming a curious boy, leaving all things baby behind, exploring your world, and learning what this life is all about. You are continuously picking up new things from your bothers. Heaven help us all. :)

I pray daily that your daddy and I will guide you in a way that allows you to be your own person, and points you consistently to the one who is already seeking your heart. Noe, He loves you so much. He placed you into a family that adores you (except for a certain 3 year old. I'm sure he will come around eventually... no worries son.)

Buddy, thank you for the comfort you've been to me. You can't yet understand what it has meant to me to have your presence fill my life. We are blessed to have you.

A couple of quick things before I leave the computer to break up a squabble between you and Jay. Just because Jay does certain things does not mean you have to. I know you look up to him. I know he's super cool. I know he's one of your role models. He is also going through a very naughty stage right now. Just walk away.

Oh, and those screams, like top of your lungs for no apparent reason ones - yeah, you know the ones: really not necessary and very head ache inducing. You can stop that silly little phase. Also, the cry that tells all those within a couple of miles that you are experiencing cruel and unusual punishment when I leave you in the more. Please? Thanks bud, knew I could count on you. I always come back. I've never left you for more than a few hours. Remember?

You are a bundle of love Noe. I melt when I notice the resemblances you have to your daddy. I'm a little bit freaked out at how much you resemble your uncle Don, but you know - those things happen. :) Since your cousin Jon looks alot like your daddy we'll just call it equal and go from there.

Watching you grow and learn has been my privilege. You make me tired. You fill me with a joy that is unique to you and I. There is something special about what we have. I remember when I was pregnant with you I wondered how my heart could possibly have more love in it. Your brothers seemed to already fill it up. I had moments where I pondered what it would be like to have another boy. We'd done it twice...would it just be be more of the same?

Not even close!

The love multiplied. My heart stretched. I remember the minute you were born; 12:22am on 12-22. Even coming into the world with a special flare, right Mr. drama? I pulled you onto my chest and felt it instantly. A bond that was just us. A bond that over the months has looked like made-up songs, whispered words just for us, conversations about crackers, puppies, daddy, and Jesus. Tickles till you have been breathless with laughter. Challenging me to a point where I can't look into those pools of blue which are your eyes with out totally caving. Who could hold their ground against those?? Maybe your Aunt Sarah could give me some insight into that, but my guess is she will have nothin' :) You do know how to work them baby!

Looking forward to the years to come my Noe-Bee.


mamachristina said...

I think this must be an emotional day for me, because these pictures and your beautiful words for little Noe made tear up.

MoziEsmé said...

Love those shades! And a beautiful letter to your boy - not just sentimental, but real, too. Let us know if he gets the point on the unnecessary screams!

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

Oh, baby boy.....he looks so grown up now, especially next to the newborn pictures. I liked the way you expressed that your love stretched and grew when he came into your life. I have moments sometimes when I can't imagine loving another little one as much as my Savannah, but I know somehow it happens.

Squeeze that little guy extra tight!

Amanda said...

happy half birthday to little this sweet, sweet letter to him...Jesus has made you a fabulous mama, wendi. i can tell from the tenderness with which you write this sweet and humor evident even in the sometimes frustrating parts of being a mama. oh may you have so many more months and years of joy with your little noe.

Sarah M. said...

Sorry, no special techniques on not losing yourself in those deep blue pools! I don't envy you! I can get lost b/c I'm not Don's authority. I can't imagine trying to be firm when Noe turn those things into "melt your heart" ,mode!

Love you both!

dani said...

oh, wendi... THAT was a totally sweet post!!! after you said that noe and jay were bickering while you were typing, i could actually hear it throughout the rest of your letter and found myself chuckling through your dear words.
thank you for a monday morning smile:D

Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

"Just walk away" HA! LOVE IT!

This post is seriously fantastic, thanks for sharing your little man with us :)

PS - he DOES look so much like Don!!! I can't get over it! And, I can't believe he's 18 months already...