Wednesday, May 14, 2008


-Because I really am that cheesy

-Because I have a serious crush on a certain soft ball player who sports a #12 on his team shirt

-Because he secretly loves the swooning attention.

-Because I can

-Because I'm a girl

-Because I am ridiculously loud when I cheer for our team

-Because they needed all the help they could get...

...In true junior-high-girl-infatuated-with-her-hero-athlete fashion I bought a shirt with the biggest, flashiest, goldest #12 on it to wear to Dave's soft ball game. Oh yeah, it's called being in love girls! And guess what?!

No, you don't get it. You just read that and thought, "Oh, how nice". I need a really artsy font and a super strong word to try to convey through blog land how significant this is. This is only the third game of the season and with it they have encompassed half the wins from last year's season. :) These guys have been working hard and they really deserved this win. There were some elements about the game that you could almost call pretty (sorry guys...) There was a choreographed feeling about some of the plays. There seemed to be a higher level of communication, sometimes through words, but other times the briefest look would culminate in a series of high speed throws and catches. My eyes could hardly keep up with what their quick minds, hands, and legs were accomplishing. Of course there were a few plays that could have been improved upon, but I think that is part of the fun, excitement, and challenge from week to week.

Last night was a double header and after the high of the win, there was a slight let down as they played against one of the best games in the league only to be quite whipped by them. Seriously, the guys on the opposing team were like these super human ball playing machines. One of my fellow spectators, Mrs. Pastor W, remarked that they even jogged smuggly. Still our team made a respectable effort and the excitement of the first game could not be taken away from them.

I'm so wearing my #12 shirt every week! :) Although I must now concede my biggest fan and cheerleader title to our #14's mom. There is just no competing with this:

So, whether it was the great fannage (I love making up words), the loyalty, the new 'savage sage' shirts, or *gasp*, just the fact that these guys can play ball, YAY! Yippee Skippee indeed.


mamachristina said...

good for you, all our hubby's could use a little more cheering in all area's of they're life.

Sarah M. said...

Fun shirt girly!

Amanda said...

i love your genuine respect, admiration and love for your refreshing!

The Bayou Belles and Their Beau said...

Well, aren't you cute and your boys too. Thanks for visiting my blog.

Rachel said...

Congratulations! Way to go! I am sure the win is very encouraging to your janitor! But I am sure his cute little wife in the number 12 t-shirt is even more encouraging! (By the way did you know that the #12 is Ryan Newman's Number?)

Love You!

Elizabeth...mommy...etc said...

woo-hoo! #12 is actually my "lucky" #...can't tell you why exactly but I'm sure at some piont it really did start out with a jr high I'm totally with you on the big #12 shirt! It truly is a joy to see our hubbys WIN! *elizabeth

Becoming Me said...


Kari Dawson said...

That sounds very much like something I would do! I said before, my hubby plays softball too but he plays on the same night as our children so unfortunately none of us get to see him play. If I get a chance to get to one of his games I'll have to get the # tee AND make a sign! Ha ha!

Leslie said...

your seriously seriously so cute in that shirt, wether he said it or not, it made him feel good to see you wearing it on the sidelines!