Thursday, April 17, 2008

 My life long friend

We met when I was born and you were 22 months old.
I have a feeling you weren't all that excited to have me invade your world.
We were kind of forced upon each other. We didn't choose to be a part of one anothers world.

The choice came later.
The choice to be there for each other. To confide in one another. To share secrets and clothes.
I can't help but laugh when I stop and think about those crazy fights. Your head must still hurt with how often I pulled your hair! Ouch! I can't believe what a little meany I was! Not like you were a little angel or anything. Wow, the sting of those little pinches still makes me shudder! :)

But some where between dolls & home work and fashion & boys the bond that began so early on deepened to a level that has transcended many other relationships. Time and distance hasn't harmed it. Circumstances and differences can't erase it.

Do you remember when the storms came? You'd let me crawl into your bed and you would just tell me every thing would be alright. I'm sure you were rolling your eyes at your wimpy little sis, but you were there for me any way. It meant the world to me.

You loved animals, being outside, riding your bike, climbing trees. I loved to play with dolls, do my hair, fashion, and books. We shared our interests. We couldn't wait to tell each other any news that we deemed important. Yeah, I know you remember some of that pathetic 'news worthy' excitement. :)

And then we grew up. How sweet of you to allow little sis to hang out with you and your guy. How pesky was that?! I loved having a place to hang out after you got married. The fun times continued. When my turn came I know it was different. You moved 15 minutes away when you got married. I was moving 8 hours away. You didn't want me to go. I was in love. You moved to the back ground of my life. You were there for me any way.

We began to realize the importance of our life long friendship and we guarded it. We kept in touch. We visited often. I'm so thankful for that! We started our families.

Do you remember when the storms came? You'd let me call you and you'd tell me every thing was going to be okay. Even when we knew it wouldn't be. You were shaken to the core when you heard my baby was gone. You never got to meet him. I know you were hurt and confused. I know you felt my pain so deeply. We were always like that.

How fun it was to be pregnant together a year and a half later! Our due dates were the same and our baby boys were born only 9 days apart.

You are beautiful! You are a woman who I have such deep admiration for. The way you love all life, care for children and elderly, have fun in life, and don't sweat the small stuff. So many qualities that I aspire to.

I love you sis! Happy birthday!


mamachristina said...

I have 5 sisters and I know exactly what you are saying with the sibling rivalry and as you grow older you develop those loving and deep relationships.

Sarah said...

Beautifully put! She is pretty fantastic :)

Happy Birthday Trisha!!

PS - LOVE that pic of you two when you were sweet :)

Elizabeth...mommy...etc said...

sisters...our first best friends! great sentiments!