Thursday, April 17, 2008

 Earth moving passion

This morning I can say something I have never said in my life and kind of hope to not be able to say again. An earthquake woke me up. My bedside table rumbled next to my ear for about 25 seconds and it actually moved a little bit. We are very far from where the earth quake actually happened, but felt some of the rumble nonetheless. Such a strange way to start my day. Makes me wonder what this day has in store...

Several months ago I found a blog that inspired me. It was part of the reason I began my own blog. Leslie is so real in her writing. Her outlook on life was so similar to mine and she helped add fuel to that little thought in my head telling me - maybe, just maybe I could do this too. :) Her photography is amazing!

Leslie has challenged her blogging buddies to go deeper in their thinking and writing. I am taking her challenge to reveal what I am passionate about. She has started such a neat thing with this. Check out all of the sweet ladies who have written about the things that drive them and matter most to them!

As I let these thoughts of my passion in life steep in my mind three questions came to me: What do I live for? What would I die for? What energizes me? I just addressed some of these issues in a post not too long ago. I wrote of my desire to have more passion. I loathe apathy. Unfortunately some of that loathing is self loathing because I know that I have been apathetic too much in my life. This subject is so relevant to where I am in life right now. I have been exploring my purpose in life and have been discovering some really exciting things!

I am passionate about sharing the peace in my life with others. Showing people how important they are to God, as I come to a more full realization of that myself. I love to encourage, listen, and show compassion. There is not a whole lot more satisfying to me than truly connecting with people.

I am passionate about my marriage. Protecting it, nurturing it, working at it.

I am passionate about my boys. So, so fiercely passionate about these little people who have captured my heart!

I passionately believe that every life is precious! That the creation of each life has been orchestrated by God and has a purpose and meaning. We were given a unique look into the life of creation not yet meant to live outside the womb. That has ignited a fire in Dave and I. We saw life at 25 weeks gestation...They cried, they sucked their thumbs, they removed cotton from between their toes :), they pulled breathing tubes out. We faced tough decisions regarding these lives. These experiences have built on existing passion and snowballed into greater passion. Entering the world of children with special needs has also opened our eyes to precious life, which some would deny. My work at the crisis pregnancy center increases my awareness of life issues as well. I find a great passion behind the walls of that building that I strive to bring outside those walls.

Our life experiences have also made me passionate about reaching out to other's who have experienced the heart break of losing a child. I pray for opportunities to come along side other mommy's who are grieving. Just being there. Telling them I know their pain, it's okay to grieve, and they will be okay. Along with that thought I also have loved the opportunities I have had to minister to other mom's of special needs children. It can be isolating, it can be heart breaking and exhausting. Some of the passion I feel for these ministries comes from a deep desire that our experiences not be in vain. Very little drives me to tears of joy with an intensity like the thought of J.D. having a legacy. A purpose, a reason behind our suffering.

Passions of much lesser degree...
On a lighter note, I love beauty, creating, designing, & colors. You'll get this if you have ever been giddy over a completed scrapbook page, assembling an outfit that just makes you feel so darn together, choosing a wall color that makes a room feel amazingly inviting, or looked at some thing you have crafted and couldn't believe you actually did it!

I can share a picture of my latest place mat purse now that I know my sis received it in the mail and the surprise won't be ruined. The significance here is that I am seriously not a coordinated crafter. So this is really cool to me

I also love planning around our budget. I am pretty organized with our money, always recording what is coming in and what goes out. Perhaps bordering on obsessive with it, but that's another post altogether. There is something so satisfying about taking something very small (yes, I am referring to our income here), and seeing how creative I can be with it. Case in point: I needed a new swim suit. Last night I went shopping. Check it out!

Do you see it?! Do you see the $106 original price tag?! I, personally wouldn't ever pay that for a swim suit, but regardless, I brought it home for $19.99. Plus there is the whole cuteness factor. Yeah, I get a rush from a deal. :)

I also really enjoy writing. I know it's a surprise, but I thought I would go ahead and come out of the closet on that one and just announce it.

There is so much more I could write on this subject, but life waits to be lived. :) Why write about passion when you can experience it? My janitor is coming home from work early and will be here in about 3 hours, so I'm distracted with passion. :)


mamachristina said...

I love the challenge that you have put out there for us to try and work towards. I love your writing style. The swim suit is too cute. I am hoping to be into anew suit myself this summer.

Becoming Me said...

That was a great post. So many layers. It made me think and smile. And CUTE suit

Leslie said...

Wanted to tell you that I love this entry, we do have some serious similarites let me tell you.

Isn't amazing how God created each different with a heart to help all sorts of people. So fantastic.

btw.. nice suit, and bargain...

feel free to spread the word, would love to have a lot involved... I just want to get us talking about something deeper, even if for just a season. :)