Tuesday, April 1, 2008


~The source of my strength~

Eyes so clear
Innocent hearts
Do I have the strength?
Can I do my part?
To channel these wills
Teach them respect
Show them your love
I must not neglect
Father they look
So deep in my eyes
Desiring security
To know their alright
Help me to show
This love for each one
Is freely given like yours
No matter what they've done
Some days I feel weak
Help me see my strength
It's not of myself
But of yours I must take
I am but a branch
And detached from the vine
I can not move mountains
I can't cross that line
Between failure and victory
Exhaustion and freedom
Daily life struggles
Require you that I lean on
These three little boys
And this gentle strong man
Need my support
To tell them they can
Please gently affirm
I have what it takes
Cause I see my weakness
And all my mistakes
You promise to equip
For all that I'm given
So I'm staking a claim
That this life that I'm livin
Is inspired by you
I'm where I should be
Give strength for each day
To be lived joyfully


Rachel said...

Your Tagged! Check my blog to see what it is all about! ;)

Sarah said...

Praise God His strength is shown best in our weaknesses :) 2 Cor. 12:2-10. Beautiful poem!