Thursday, April 24, 2008

 On fit throwing-

If your child should happen to decide that he doesn't want to leave after going on an outing and he begins what some refer to as "throwing a fit", here are some ideas. If child, being very tired (for sure that has to be it...), and very three, begins to scream as if some one is tearing his limbs off slowly, decides to - oh, I don't know plant him self firmly and unmovingly on the pavement of the parking lot, proceed as follows. Find skid loader, conveniently parked next to your vehicle in said parking lot. Begin to talk quickly about skid loader. Put child into skid loader, still talking quickly and animatedly. Pretend not to notice others staring at you. Grab camera, which you always have with you (I know I'm not the only one!). Take pictures of child in skid loader. Continue your hyper active conversation about how amazing it will be to look at pictures of child in skid loader at home. Make a quick vehicle switch, so awestruck and confused child doesn't realize what just happened. Wrap child in blankie, which you always have with you (I know I'm not the only one...) and watch as child falls asleep in his car seat.
Now, continuing on in the subject of fits, I have a certain five year old who many would be shocked to know is not always the angelic child he has manipulated the general populace into thinking he is. He's a very sweet boy, but until you see a blackout rage, K style, you do not know the whole story. Unfortunately here I grabbed my camera just a little bit too late to show you the real evidence of that. This is just the tail end.
Let me preface the video by saying I know I deserve the worst mother of the year award. Watching DVD's in French was so yesterday. I should've known that the new thing is watching them in Spanish. May lightning strike me for not knowing. (Click pause on my project play list music to be able to hear the video clip better.)


Sarah said...

From one camera carrying dork to another...I get it :)

PS - I don't believe you. That face...he MUST be an angel all the time ;)

Rachel said...

I have been guilty of leaving my camera on my shelf the last few weeks (partially from husband pressure. He thinks I may be over doing it with the camera/scrapbooking) But I have missed some great pictures. You have inspired me. Back into the van it goes.

FordFamilyFun said...

I think I deserve the worst Mom of the year award. My kids don't even know that they can watch their movies in another language!!

mamachristina said...

I never leave my camera either, it has been said that I have OCD. I have had this expierience and wish I could have turned into the ground I stood on.

Elizabeth...mommy...etc said...

i love hearing k's voice! i absolutely don't beleive you when you say he's not 100% angel! come on, w, confess that you were lying! hehehehe


Amanda said...

love this...and i always kick myself because i wish i had my perhaps i should start carrying it more thing to load down the already too heavy diaper bag! :)