Tuesday, April 8, 2008

 Five years

Five years ago a slightly nervous new mommy and daddy experienced the joy of bringing their baby home from the hospital for the first time. At five pounds twelve ounces he was such a tiny package. The surprise in it was that he seemed quite large to this couple. An even bigger surprise was that this miniature little baby was already three months and five days old. It was April 7th, 2003. This baby boy had been born on January 2nd. He had spent the past 96 days in neo natal intensive care.

Walking through the door of their home with this precious little one seemed surreal. They had dreamed of it, hoped for it, but at times had not let themselves think this far... just in case.

Wrapped snugly around the baby's chest was a thick piece of Velcro holding the leads to the heart and apnea monitor close to his small body. The nasal cannula attached to his tiny nose kept a steady stream of oxygen flowing through his system. At first it felt a little awkward to use the wrench in the process of switching the small travel oxygen to the large tank that was now a fixture in their living room. Dealing with all of the equipment would soon be a smooth daily task.

She wondered how many other new moms carried a wrench in their diaper bag. She wondered if she would ever feel more like a mom than a nurse. She wondered if the knot in her stomach that was threatening to rise up into her throat was now a permanent feeling. She wondered if he would stop breathing while she was alone with him. Could she do all that this little life would require? She believed that God would never give her more than she could handle, but had he gotten her name mixed up with some one stronger? Some one who could handle all of this better?

He had his own questions and worries. Would his wife ever be the same again? They had not yet been married two years when this life came into the world. They were still grieving the loss of thier other son. They grieved so differently. Could he handle the responsibilities that being a dad would bring? What would the future look like? This little baby was so helpless, needed him for so much. He needed her.

So they started out on this journey called parenting. Their journey looked different than the way it looked for alot of other parents. It was so joyous but so scary. In the back of both of their minds they fantasized about what it would've felt like to be carrying two car seats through that door. Through it all, the anxiety, the nerves, the joy, the unknown, their God was sustaining them. He knew the future. He knew the joys and trials ahead. He had hand picked this couple for this baby boy. More than that, he had hand picked this baby boy for this couple. He knew that this baby would change their lives forever. That they would learn to lean on Him in a new way. A way they never would've with out having had this baby in their lives.

Thank you for all you are to us K! I'm celebrating the day we brought you home and the past 5 years. I love you to the moon and back.


Sarah said...

That shot with the bubbles is precious...not a care in the world :)

Sarah M. said...

I can't wait to come swing again! We'll have a swing ready when you visit this summer! You are one of our favorite miricles!! We are so glad God gave you to us!

Mrs. Smith said...

Simply beautiful!