Saturday, February 11, 2017

 {February} Ten on the Tenth

My life is an adventure. ;) 

6:00 hour - (Hello Friday, hello delicious cinnamon apple walnut oatmeal, hello sleepy little boy in the background)

7:00 hour - (Gettin' ready for another day in first grade)

 8:00 hour - (Egg loot for the day)

 9:00 hour - (Best .79 ever spent.  Smells SO good.  Meijer clearance makes me grin)

11:00 hour - (Bummed he has "the crud" and has to stay home from school, but secretly loving extra special one-on-one time with my Jay)

12:00 hour - (Fulfilling his request for cheese quesadilla)

2:00 hour - (First thing he does when he bursts through the school doors.  Worlds fastest pick pocket, I think)

5:00 hour - (Driving him to winter camp.  Deep conversation. Oh - and this was at a stop sign with no traffic around...) ;) 

6:00 hour - (Dropping them off for overnights are always just weird for me. ) 

7:00 hour  -(Some heroes wear capes, some wield portable air tanks...)

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