Wednesday, March 11, 2015

 {March} 10 on the 10th

Wait. How can it be March 10th already? Craziness.


This is what 10 on 10 is all about: taking a photo every hour for ten consecutive hours on the tenth of each month, documenting a day in your life and finding beauty among the ordinary moments.

Kids dropped off, gas tank filled, now in the midst of an oil change. No worries, I stopped short of, "hey guys - look here for a sec."

And a hair cut. I feel like I really look like my mom more and more every day. 

Little buddy is home and ready to play outside. We are giddy about this. Finally, finally, finally we can play outside without being in pain because of extreme cold!! Happy dance. 

Getting the kitchen cleaned up and watering this ridiculously prolific plant. See, I'm not exactly a green thumb. During one of our first trips back home after Dave and I got married, my Grandma Marjorie lovingly packaged this spider plant in a recycled oatmeal container. It rode all the way from Iowa to Michigan. It stayed in the lovely oatmeal container for quite awhile. For over a decade, this thing has thrived under conditions that would normally only result in certain death. I thought it had died a week ago. I had neglected it for ... awhile. I watered it once and it not only percked up, but started blooming flowers 

Bless you, plant with more than 9 lives! 

Phone calls, insurance authorizations, and {beige} afternoon coffee.

Yep, still out there. :) The mud behind him is out-of-this-world messy. Me and that mud driveway have made peace with one another. 

Learning to tie his belt himself, but while he's still working at getting it right, he has the best daddy helper ever

Evening tea for Mali, Noe, and I. And yes, Sam's Club is my favorite store. ;) 

Jay's been having a rough time sleeping. Daylight savings has increased this issue. I stayed up with him reading for a while to help him become more tired. One on one time is special. 

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