Tuesday, January 13, 2015

 { Dear Noe B }

Dear Noe B,

Someday you and I are going to look back on the end of 2014 and we might say something like this,

"Remember that one time - when you turned eight years old, and absolutely everything that could go differently than planned - pretty much went differently than planned?!

Remember how hard it was, the year you turned eight, to accept change or any little hiccup?

But remember how God was developing character in you and you sailed through all of those hiccups and disappointments like the champ that you are?

Remember how brilliantly our tree sparkled that year and how it made us feel all warm and fuzzy inside?

That year you were still trying to decide how you felt about having such a special personal day 3 days before such a big all compassing holiday.

 - But surely you'll remember that you decided to grin through that deciding.

Oh, and those disappointments we were talking about? How could you forget the sting of finding out on your actual birthday that little brother tested positive for the infamous "influenza A" - and we had to make tough choices about our travel plans.

You had already started packing a bag with your precious things to show cousins. Crafting things to keep you occupied on the 9+ hour trip to IA, books to read, and of course you had packed your mind with plans. 

The year you turned eight was the one you had been waiting for, remember? The first "friend party" year. And some of your dearest friends are your IA cousins. So it was to be a big pizza party with the beloved cousins, cake and balloons, - you had it planned to a T.

The tears could not be easily forgotten. Mom and lil brother were gone for hours, from the Dr to the pharmacy, and much waiting in between. You heard one sided phone conversations between me and your daddy. The decisions we had to make were not easy ones for us the year you turned eight.

Remember opening your gift from Grandma out on the deck - in the rain - so as not to expose gram to nasty germs?

Buddy - you sure handled it all like the big boy you were becoming.

That coast guard Lego set was exactly what you were hoping for, and I think the hours of play that ensued after your rainy gift opening were at least a little bit of a balm to your heart.

And in true Noe B fashion - you threw yourself into the good. All the good of birthdays and family time and picking up the pieces to a shattered plan - to glue them into something else entirely.

You were really good at that, the year you turned 8.

That's my boy.

I get you. If the rain has not brought a rainbow, you will create one. Because that's what we do.

The year you turned eight you had yet to grow in your two front teeth. We had much fun with that, and my you looked cute. 

See, you had grown alot that year, leading up to the time you turned 8 - and you had learned a thing or two about life and facing the hard with the good. Seven to eight is a significant time in a boys life - and that year we saw the growth it had brought.

Remember eight year old Noe? How he was a peacemaker and deep thinker?

Creative, literal, relational, helpful,
and - well, there was that spitfire spirit that was really emerging too. Whew! I do remember the talking back and pushing back that eight year old Noe was quite expert at. My dear little negotiator....

Your silver lining attitude paid off that year. Nearly three weeks after your birthday we instituted "Plan B" - friends, Pizza, bowling.....

Ok, "Plan C" - Friends, pizza, and playing Wii at home.....
{Ha! So, remember that one birthday party where your mama didn't realize that she should've called the bowling alley ahead of time... Funny.
That was a good laugh... or something}

So here's to the year you turned eight and all of the things you were learning. Here's to imperfect plans and holding everything loosely.

Here's to my Noe B and all that he brings to our family. Without you, we wouldn't have quite so much color in our home. We may not be set straight after every sarcastic or truth stretching comment. We wouldn't have as many silver linings softening our life.

I remember the year you turned eight and how much my mama heart loved all over you. I remember feeling how very blessed I was to be your mama, and thanking God for eight precious years with you!


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