Wednesday, July 30, 2014

 Not melting, in Pure Michigan

Leaving the blog at "I'm a stay at home mom and I'm melting" probably wasn't a good idea. ;)

I promise I didn't melt. And really, this summer is the least melting-ish summer I have felt in a long time. We have settled into a routine,

                            and then we crumple up the routine and throw it into the waste basket in favor of adventure and lots of great outdoors.  

Summer life of a boy mom. I have decided that it is good. Very good.

We haven't magically ended all bickering and crazy, constancy, neediness, and All of The Things.

But we haven't melted.

We adventured for our traditional last day of school camping trip (and of course my "adventuring" comes complete with coffee bean grinder and blow dryer, but who's keeping track?).

Two weeks post camping trip Jay went to overnight camp for the first time. Be still my mama heart. All was well. And I will never forget his first words to me when I picked him up:

"Mom, the kids were loud and inappropriate." 
-Yeah, I guess our kids are a little bit sheltered.

Three days after Jay returned from camp we left for Iowa. Spent a week with my fam and relished the moments.

Two weeks post Iowa trip we went to the beautiful west side of our state and camped at Muskegon. Amazing. Probably only Michiganders will "get" this one, but you know those "Pure Michigan" commercials? Make me a little misty eyed. I at least get a lump in my throat. Dave is so funny when he hears or sees one of those commercials. He has to get me if I am not around and watch my face. I just can't... I mean that voice and all the great stuff in Michigan?! It's too much.

"So go to the beaches of pure Michigan.... and remember the things that are really important in life..."

Oh, I can't do it right.


Please tell me I am not the only one tearing up.


Anyway..... We love our Michigan. :)

And we have been loving our summer. I don't come up for air much, so writing definitely takes a back seat. I have all these metaphors and life lessons that want to pour out and be written, but mostly - right now, I just smile at them and move on.

So, while writing yields to boy wrangling, All The Food making, and The Adventuring,

Know that I am not melting and this fall I may be able to put a couple of sentences together over here. :)

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Lynda Halliger Otvos (Lynda M O) said...

Looks like you are having a Great Summer. Fun, fantastic memories and loads of joy to spread around !~! Thanks for sharing.