Friday, January 17, 2014

 {January} 10 on the 10th

This is what 10 on 10 is all about: taking a photo every hour for ten consecutive hours on the tenth of each month, documenting a day in your life and finding beauty among the ordinary moments. 

That morning rush! Whew! 
Busiest hour of the day, no doubt.
Yes, inside-out footy jams behind him. 
Yes, homework from the previous day behind them.
Welcome to my life. ;)

Rare, rare, rare morning with my man. 

Checking email and enjoying our Mc D's breakfast. 
Cause we're classy like that. 

Working on lesson plans for the second semester of my digital photography/yearbook class.

"UH-OH!" - Indeed. 
You know what he is pointing at? Water dripping down from the ceiling. 
That's not good news. 
Fortunately Dave was able to clean copious amounts of melting snow off from our roof and it stopped. 
*big sigh of relief*

So weird to look down at my left hand and see no sparkle. :( A couple of days ago I was absentmindedly twirling my diamond in its prongs…. when I realized that i was
*twirling my diamond in its prongs*.
Not okay. 
So, my ring is at the jewelers, getting more repair than I thought it needed, setting us back more than I expected, but oh my am I thankful!!!

So, um, we got a little snow here in the last week.

And my guys are sure enjoying it!

Tweaking some of the organization progress I got done over Christmas break!

And…still out there. :) This fun in the snow turned into hours.

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Lynda Halliger Otvos (Lynda M O) said...

Your kitty looks just like my Kitty !~! Your snow looks nothing like my temperate climate yard where we are in process of felling three trees that have fire blight. Sad to see them come down but opening new possibilities for landscaping that area now come to the fore. Your ten on the tenth is one of my favorite days of the month on your blog, which is weird cuz I'm usually a word freak but your photos do things for me. Thank you for sharing.