Wednesday, June 19, 2013

 Happy summer!

(Silly mama photo compliments of Mr. Noe B)

I explain the transition from our school days to summer break days like this: slower paced/faster paced. 

Clear as mud, right? Mama's of multiple children are probably getting my vibe here though. The fact that we don't have to do the insane morning race and be to school every morning is truly amazing. Waking up, cuddling on the couch, fixing special breakfasts with no care for time restraints? - My kind of day starters. But… then there's the fact that four children are full-time-mama-needy. Need I say more?!


Here we are. I knew June was going to be crazy to the max. It is - and yet it's more of an exhilarating, adventurous, exciting, energetic crazy than I imagined. I thought I would be exhausted through this month. I'm hanging on for dear life, but I am finding most of the busy to be such a blessed busy, that it is more of the life giving kind than the life sucking kind. Make sense?

When we hit mid month I was stunned. Like, "no-possible-way-is-this-month-already-half-way-over" stunned.

I told you all that I booked five weddings this month, right? Right. I'm loving weddings more and more. Still cracks me up because I was scared silly with the thought of photographing weddings 2 years ago. And now they are at the top of fav list. Take a little look-see over here.

Then there was that fun little surprise camping trip on the last day of school. Oh you guys - if you could have seen the boys' faces when I drove into the driveway after that last day of K, 2nd, and 3rd grade….

Dave had taken half of the day off and we, along with Mr. Kai, packed up the camper and got everything ready. They were thrilled… and thankful. That's one thing that is very important to me, and at times I had wondered if we would ever see it; an initiative in our boys to voice thankfulness (you know instead of a humongous list of first world problem-esque complaints, daily). But this time, with the camping trip, we heard "thank you so much for surprising us with camping, thank you for taking us to the beach, thank you for the campfire, thank you for that bike ride".

Sweet. And really music to this mama's ears.

-We won't forget it.

And this was just a small taste of the big camping trip we are planning for later on this summer! Don't ever let anyone tell you that being a mama to all boys means missing out. Are there things I may not experience having all boys? Of course, but oh my am I loving this life with my 5!

We had a relaxing and special Father's Day. I say it every single year, but I am just so happy for my boys. So, so happy that they get this gift of a loving invested daddy. How it warms me to the core.

And if I could just be honest here - I have to say that this month has been on the difficult side for Dave and I. Old habits, conflicts, issues creeping up and trying to steal good. Even through all of that, I can so clearly see the blessing of us and him and what we have.

God has been strengthening and challenging me continually these days. I'm seeing Him in so many new ways.

Lifter of my head,
My strength and confidence.

I knew He was all of those, I did, but as I experience new paths in life I see Him more vividly in these roles. I see Him being those things to me in a very personal way and it is sweet.

For several years in a row I read through the Bible on a yearly schedule. A new testament passage, old testament passage, Psalm, and Proverb. It was good for me. Instilled some discipline and gave a great broad overview. Last year I read the Bible in chronological order. A change from what I knew, and another really good learning experience. However, given my perfectionist personality some problems began to arise with the annual reading schedule.

Like - reading just to stay on track.
Speed reading through stuff because I "had to".
Feeling overwhelmed if I had a busy weekend and lost a few days… 

This is not what reading words from my precious Savior should be.

I knew this year I needed to do something different, but I didn't know what. Then last September I attended the True Woman conference and listened to a speaker, who is now one of my favorite people ever.  :) Priscilla Shirer spoke about being a mom to little boys, and what a busy life she leads. She also spoke with such a vibrant energy about her time with Jesus and how He speaks to her. The words she spoke in the session went straight to my heart. Using some simple tools she taught, I am now reading very slowly through some pertinent passages. On January 3rd I started going through the book of Galatians. I have been reading through it, journaling through it, praying through it, pausing through it, and listening through it. It is now June 19th and I am on chapter 5. Slow? Maybe. But exactly what I need to be doing right now. I'm so thankful for freedom to obey and just do what we are supposed to.

So, this is me right now. And I think I need to go to bed. :)  All of my boys are asleep. The house is quiet, and I am sure I would stay up way too late to soak in some of this quiet if I don't force myself to go now. Tomorrow is another busy day. I am going to be helping with set up for a big fund raising garage sale that the pregnancy resource center I volunteer for is putting on. We have swimming lessons for the 3 youngest, and a list of errands that await.

Let's enjoy this June thoroughly. Amidst the busy and the running around and the everything, let's just step back a minute and breathe deeply. Let's whisper a prayer of thanks for the maker of all Junes.That super long winter? It's over. :) That in and of itself is enough for a happy dance, yes?

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