Thursday, March 21, 2013

 Happy "spring"

Today - spring {day2} means 20 degrees and snow on the ground. Wind chills that kind of hurt and no sunshine. It's okay. If that' what it is, then nothing I do/say/demand will change it.

So, that's what the second day of spring here in Michigan will be.
Hello big, soft, pretty snowflakes.

Today - my Thursday means jammies, antibiotics for 2 (my gut says these numbers will be on the rise), and staying home. Can I wave a magic wand and say "strep be gone"? No.

So that's what today will be.
Hello comfy couch, little boy cuddles, and a much needed day to just chill.

It's been that kind of a week. I've pretty well confirmed what I have already known about myself in regards to last minute changes and "things-going-differently-than-I -saw-them-going-in-my-head". 

It makes me dizzy and brings out the 'tude.

Gets me every.single.time.

Dave was out of state all weekend. No biggie. I was excited about the opportunity for him to have some time away from his 1,000,000 responsibilities. He needed it. I was prepared for what it would take to do our weekend without him.

I wasn't 100% prepared for realllly cold weather and all it would take to heat our wood stove dependent house. I learned it. My upper arms are more defined. ;)

He got home Monday night, and It was super awesome to see him again. I love having him around, simply because I really like that guy {alot}. In addition to that, our week was packed full so he was needed. Dentist and doctor appointments dotted our calendar for this week, most of them scheduled for around the same time as school pick up. He was oh-so-needed.

And then federal jury duty for him. It was only for a day, and everything fell into place. Still - that kind of a week, y'know? 

I  mention just a couple things in a decent sized list of switches and changes and disappointments from this past week. - Nothing hugely staggering or life altering mind you. Just these "wait, that's not how that was supposed to go".

:) Oh my. When will I get it through my head-full-of-expectations that this life is an adventure not planned by me? Where would the breathless beauty be if I planned it all and knew exactly how it would play out? As much as that may appeal to the more practical part of my brain, I know that's not what I really want. More importantly, that's not what a life of trusting and clinging to an all powerful God looks like.

Even just in the past 7 days, I have had more of a clarity in my heart and mind on what it means to trust. Purely trust. Without question. Just say "yes Lord".

If you know me, you know that this is very hard for me.  And even if it's just a little bit of progress in this whole trusting and giving up bits of control, it is good. Like, blooming flowers, singing birds, green grass, and bare feet good. 


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Andrea said...

Prayers for your strep to clear out soon, thank goodness for modern medicine hey!

Hope that some breathless beauty catches you this coming weekend, it always seems to come through in those un-planned, exhausting times....