Saturday, October 13, 2012

 As you turn 3

Baby boy,

So much I want to pack into your birthday letter, on the eve of your transition from 2 to 3.

So much.

Let me just write from my heart.

I want you to know Jesus.

I want me and your daddy's faith to be a model for you, but mostly anticipate the day when you do not look to us, but simply look to Him and your faith becomes your own.

When He is ALL to you, because you realize that you are nothing without Him.

Is it strange for me to wish this for my child? That you will come to the end of yourself, and feel a desperate need for Him...

Oh do I love you! - With an aching, consuming, nurturing, while letting go, kind of a love.

Your hair still has the slightest scent of "baby" to it, but mostly all baby is gone. 

You are quite the mosaic of sunshine and rain, my little one. Waking up with pouting and tears most mornings because, let's face it, mornings just aren't your thang. 

And that biting, hitting, bullying, side that you have? Let's try to end that once and for all. Please? I know the deal with the three older brothers, and the survival, and the fighting for position, and all that. I get it, but there are better ways to handle it. K? K.

Glad we got that all figured out. Whew!

But the sunshine…. You have that aplenty, and how you bless our socks off with your unbridled joy!

Your little face is beyond endearing, and the sparkle in your eye is contagious.

One of my favorite things about you right now is hearing you pray. Offering up these sincere prayers from a heart full of innocence. This has brought a tear to my eye many times.

Lots of typical behaviors for your age are presenting themselves. The cutest little phrase is uttered to signify your desired Independence:

 "I HOW! I HOW!" - for I know how!
In other words, "let me do it mommy! I'm big!"

Stories of your imaginary friend "Goo-goo" keep us highly entertained, and quite often giggling.

Your sharp ability to learn and pick things up as we help your brothers with home work is neat to see! Keep up that joy to learn!

I'm grateful that you still allow me to pull you close and just breathe you in. It is therapeutic, and so calming to lay my cheek up against your soft skin. Sometimes you prefer to run away after a couple of seconds, but those intuitive times when you just pause the little boy wiggles, and attach your self to my neck are the sweetest little God moments I could ask for.

You are my little buddy, and I am grateful for our ever growing bond. These days it is just you and me, spending sweet days together from 8:30 - 4. Mostly running around and doing "busy" together, but nonetheless, together.

Together with you, my Mali, is a sweet place to be for me. 

You are a gift. 

Created with purpose by an all loving God. Placed into OUR family, at just the right time, for the glory of God.

Happy three Mals! We love you to the moon and back.

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Andrea said...

Oh I can't believe that sweet chubby baby is all of 3... I love your heart for him! May you enjoy many of those special sweet moments today! xo