Thursday, November 17, 2011

 30 Days of Thankfulness; Day 17 {Thankful for Technology, even though sometimes I want to use profanity when dealing with technology}

Today: I am so thankful for the ability to instantly take digital images, retouch them, and burn them onto discs.

To be able to log onto this web of world wide proportions, and chat with someone hundreds of miles away.

To order handmade gifts within minutes.

And Pandora? Thankfulness for intuitive internet radio may seem superficial, but lets be honest, I am {thankful... not superficial. Most of the time.}

Gee, I love technology, but not as much as you, you see.... {Extra points if you can identify this movie line}

Why yes, I was frustrated with technology not living up to my expectations today.

Why would we take over 2 hours to burn a DVD, now? NO reason.

Why would we freeze up every few seconds?

Why must we fight?

Why do we taunt each other so? What a love/hate.

Oh, and really? Since when does a camera upgrade mean that our photo editing software is now obsolete?!

That's fighting dirty, and it's not really fair.

And upgrading the photo editing software nearly making my laptop obsolete?!

No, no, no. None of that.

Of course I can't play that game. I would never be able to afford that game.

Even through the name calling and gigabyte slandering, I truly am thankful for the modern strides in technological advances.

Perhaps I just need a Mac?

Moving on...

Today: I am thankful for a large jacuzzi tub in our bedroom. I don't know if it was technology's fault or not, but I ended up with some form of a pulled muscle in my back. Not cool.

Right now picking up K or Kia is not feeling super.

The jacuzzi tub was amazing and wonderful. I never thought I would have something like that in my bedroom.

And I am so thankful!

Now on to the heating pad and more thankfulness for electricity!


Nikki said...

So sorry about the muscle in your back...though I was in danger of pulling a muscle of my own, laughing over "gigabyte slandering"!

Have you heard of Spotify? It just may be inching out Pandora as my favorite free online music source...and that's saying something!

Rebecca said...

kip from napolean dynamite...a favorite movie of my husband :)

i enjoy pandora as well :)

Andrea said...

Oh, I must say (as a Mac lover) ;) that although pretty pricey they are sooo smooth and fast and have saved my sanity many a time! And that jacuzzi tub sounds heavenly - enjoy - and hope your back is better soon :)