Wednesday, October 12, 2011

 Sitting tall

I think when he is up there, taller than even daddy; there is this hour of his life when he feels in control.

Doing something that not even his brothers have done yet.

Giving commands to something bigger than him, and feeling whole and complete and big.

 We are blessed, blessed, blessed to have some really amazing programs in our area that encourage our K. Ever since he was 6 months old people have been working with him, pushing him to reach his highest potential, loving on him with us. He truly has had a village... a team of people who have come on board with us to give him a great shot at an independent life.

We love this boy like crazy. So, to have others investing in his life? - Well, we can't help but love them too!

There are so many times when opportunities come up for the other boys.

Things that they love.

Things that require two hands working well together,

or running,

or being able to have sharp vision.... so much that excludes K.

Sometimes my heart just breaks a bit. And yet, I want to always be very vigilant about not holding the other three back, just because K is not able to do some of the things that they can. It's such a balance. We have worked to find things that are just K. Special and important.

Well, this is one of those things. A horse riding program just for kids who struggle to do things that they see other kids doing. Kids with needs that are just higher maintenance.

Of course at first the other boys were quite vocal about how terribly unfair it was that "K gets to ride a horse every week"...

and "why can't they?!"...

and "oh me oh my, this is just awful!"

But I sat them down and talked to them,

{heart to heart; mom to sons}

We talked about all of the cool things they get to do, and how easy so many "normal" things came to them.

We discussed how it would feel to have a body that just won't work the way that you wish it would; a hand that struggles to grasp things and legs that feel weak.

It took a while, but I am pleased to say that after fielding some questions and having a good conversation with Jay, Noe, and Kai, they seemed to really get it. And they seemed genuinely happy for K.

{Whew. One of many, many important conversations that actually had an impact. Praying that God continues to give me wisdom and words to nurture compassion and understanding in these little guys.}

At first I only saw the value in what it brought to K on a physical level. It greatly improved his core strength and balance. But then I watched him this past weekend, and I saw how the instructors were giving him more and more freedom in guiding and directing his horse, Sable.

He knows the commands; he knows when to tighten the reigns and when to give him more slack.

He is in control when he is up there.

Sable has a bit of an attitude, but they have a bond. After all, they do have much in common that way. ;)
It's a sweet thing to watch my little man up on that horse.

A very sweet thing, indeed.


Lindsay said...

This makes my heart smile - over and over again!

Anthony and Ashleys Mommy said...

this is wonderful. Also great about the boys being understanding. Have you also looked into Strider balance bikes? Anthony had some issues with balance and that REALLY helped him. Might be something K could do. I know they use balance bikes in therapy sometimes. If you decide to get one, let me know, i have a coupon for free shipping.


BaronessBlack said...

For five years during secondary school I volunteered with the British organisation Riding for the Disabled. It was wonderful to see the children (and some adults) develop a relationship with the horses. And it was a real privilege, and very humbling, to be a regular part of their lives. Very good for an angst-ridden teen!
PS. Many of the riders who'll be competing in the 2012 Paralympics started out with Riding for the Disabled.

Katarina said...

Smiling right now. For K, for your other boys. For the fact that there are special things for K in the midst of *normal* chaos.

Penny said...

What sweet boys you have. So glad there's a program like that for your K!

Nikki said...

This brings tears to my eyes. How wonderful for K to have this opportunity--and how big-hearted of his little brothers to try to understand what this means for K! You are such a beautiful mommy, Wendi.

The Sneaky Mommy said...

So sweet! What a handsome little horseman you have! You are such a good mom to take these moments to teach your boys to reflect Christ!