Sunday, September 25, 2011

 39 reasons

39 reasons why I love him
(And I'm not saying he turned 39 today. I'm just saying that today is his birthday, and I thought I would randomly throw out 39 ways that he is wonderful)

1. He has an authentic passion for things that God has called him to.

2. He is honest

3. He doesn't just take care of us, his family, nurturing and caring for people is part of who he is, and what he loves to do in life.

4. On days when he comes home, and the house looks like a hurricane and trash truck collided, he is not bothered by it in the least.

5. That one time that I put a scratch on his beloved truck, he encouraged me to learn from the mistake I made, but didn't say another word about it.

6. Family is very important to him.

7. He has a great work ethic.

8. He knows how to have fun.

9. He looks like a little boy, with the cutest grin, when he is excited about things.

10. He believes strongly in the power of prayer

11. He cooks really, really good food.

12. He cares about people who others may look right past.

13. Money is not his god.

14. He is patient.

15. He knows how to put first things first.

16. He listens.

17. He takes time to learn me and speak in my love language, even when it is quite foreign to him.

18. He is always there to throw out a high five, an encouraging word, a "how can I pray for you", to college students, guys at church, and people who God puts in his path.

19. He changes diapers. *swoon*

20. Sometimes he makes me "special coffee". And it is realllly good.

21. He enjoys watching sports every now and then, but that doesn't rule his life.

22. He can do just about any kind of home improvement project, car repair project, appliance fix-it project, and everything in between

23. He dreams big with me.

24. He encourages me to see the blessings in the small.

25. His eyes smile when his mouth smiles.

26. He isn't pushy.

27. He's a good teacher.

28. It's a treat to hear him play trumpet.

29. He is always striving to move forward, to learn more, to increase his faith, and not stand still.

30. He is tender with our boys, and takes his role as role model, seriously.

31. He doesn't mind clothes shopping with me.

32. He is a good balance of advocating for things he feels strongly about, and holding his emotions in check.

33. He adds logic to my overemotional thinking.

34. When he knows what is needed, he is more than happy to pitch in with house work.

35. He doesn't want what is easiest for our family; he wants what is best.

36. He encourages me in my love of photography.

37. He sends me silly texts to brighten my days.

38. He is creative.

39. He doesn't pretend to be anything he is not.

So, happy birthday to my David. Whatever year it is, these are just a few of my favorite things about you. :) Now, time to plan something epic for next year. - Not that next year is going to be big or anything...

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Arlona said...

Love the picture. I miss Malachi's bright eyes in the picture though. I copied your blog to send to dad and also the picture. See you tomorrow afternoon. Love, Mom