Monday, August 15, 2011

 Thankfulness for him

Thank you for coming home to me every night
{In a society that would say you have the right to pursue what ever desires and temptations you wish}

Thank you for seeing our life together through a lens of gratitude and patience
{Your perspective inspires me}

Thank you for helping me to tolerate dirt better
{Okay... so I'm trying}

Thank you for the kind of love you give; so freeing and without expectation
{It makes me joyfully want to pursue betterment} 

Thank you for eating every meal that I fix - the good and the bad
{You don't even really like fish...}

Thank you for seeing past the walls, the weaknesses, all the places I hide
{And seeing me}

Thank you for looking in my eyes and gently answering the questions fueled by insecurity
{Over and over and over...}

 Thank you for listening to me
{Even when I rattle on about stuff that may be 97.5% girly and you really have no interest in it whatsoever}

Thank you for laughing with me
{Some times our life is quite the comedy. The "we could either laugh or cry right now" kind}

Thank you for changing diapers
{That's hot}

Thank you for encouraging me to reach beyond myself, to become more than I think I can be
{When I limit myself}

Thank you for putting the boys to bed
{Every night that you are available to do so for the past 8 years}

Thank you for working hard
{Even when the nature of that work may not be your favorite thing}

Thank you for valuing "us"
{I love that you understand we can't just "coast" in our relationship}

Thank you for getting up at 4:15am - because you recognize your Spiritual responsibility
{That's just... wow}

Thank you for helping me to relax, have fun, be a red neck every now and then...
{I say that like it's a bad thing...}

Thank you for 5 beautiful babies
{The best gifts in my life}

Thank you for being totally fine with my body 
{And the evidence that still exists, proclaiming it has grown and nurtured those 5 beautiful babies..}

Thank you for imparting faith to me when I am crunching numbers and trying to make our budget work
{When on paper, it says "THIS IS NOT GOING TO WORK"}

Thank you for being my sanity at the end of so many insane days
{And reminding me that the life I have chosen, the life God chose for me, is the life that I love}

Thank you for choosing me
{Again and again}

Thank you for trusting me with places of your heart that no one has ever seen
{Knowing that I have the power to crush you makes me want to build you up in every way possible}

Thank you for being my friend


The Sneaky Mommy said...

Thank YOU for publicly loving your husband in a world where it seems easier to insult, neglect, and degrade our men!

Janitor said...

Your welcome.

Sara@TCme said...

Such a tender post.
It is a true blessing to find a man that inspires and stretches you. We are some lucky girls!

Penny said...

So sweet. And I totally understand the "laugh or cry" moments. =) It's so nice to have someone who will help you see the humor even in really bad situations.'s all you can do. =)

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

that was a beautiful post....loved it

Rebecca said...

this is beautiful and tear-envoking!

Katarina said...

I love how you love your husband. It makes me smile when I read posts like this. I know it can't always be easy for you guys (because, well, you're human) but I can just *feel* the bond you two have and that inspires me and I thank God for that in your lives.

Katie@The Baby Factory said...

I agree with Sneaky Mommy :) You are such a treasure to your husband by bragging on him like this. LOVE it :)

Nikki said...

So beautiful!