Friday, March 4, 2011

 Just call me "more"

I have officially been blogging for three years. In three years I have written 500 posts. Five-hundred! Crazy.

Three years ago Noe was Kai's age. Only he spoke. Like, real words.

Kai doesn't really speak. He walks. He runs. He jumps. He climbs. He giggles.

He's not a talker.

To his credit, I suppose I shouldn't say he doesn't speak at all. He says, "mama" (he uses the same word for "mama" and "more" - not sure how I feel about that), "Dadda", "niee-niee" (for "night-night" - and I must say, it is just about the cutest thing ever), and "bath". Just this week he has added a few long, crazy sentences to his vocab, but they are likely in Chinese, making it rather difficult for this mono-linguistic mama to comprehend.

If anyone of you is considering getting thick bangs, you should. It is very fun. I love them.

Parenting can be very hard. Add a dose of special needs in there and confusion may ensue. We are having some behavioral issues with K again. Now, I know that "behavioral issues" with our boys will continue for like - ever. But, the tough thing with K is that sometimes a change in behavior can mean a medication needs changed, or there is a problem with his shunt, or a basic over-all neurological issue. It could be he isn't getting enough sleep. Or it could mean that he is 8. And he is human. And he has a sin nature. Hmmmm.....

I think I need a nap. I'm really not very qualified for this.

Dave is back on the induction phase of the Atkins diet. Three or four years after we got married he went on Atkins for the first time. He successfully lost 65 pounds that year. Since then he has maintained it fairly well, but every now and then he gains more weight than he would like. When that happens he goes back on induction for two weeks, for a jump start. Do you know what that means? That means 50 carbs per day people. The self discipline that it takes to do that is mind boggling to me. I felt so mean last night because I asked him to make cookies. These chocolate chip cookies. Did I mention they are his favorites? Ugghh... seriously, I felt bad, but I was swamped with tasks and really needed help. The other things on my to-do list were things I needed to do, so that left the cookie making to him. K had to have them for school today, so it needed to be done. He was so kind and helped out fabulously, not cheating on his diet once, but I almost cried for him. What a guy, huh?

This morning Jay asked me what divorce was. He literally had not heard the word (or at least it never made it on his radar) until today. Some where in my explanation I used the word "fight" Jay laughed out loud and said (and I quote), "HA! Mom, that is so funny. Grown-up's don't fight!" Ummmm, Score, or fail here???

I have immersed myself in Old Testament study more this year than any other year. It is utterly exciting to me how much more makes sense when you see the Bible as a whole, with pieces that fit together perfectly. Leaving sections out can rob us of immeasurable wisdom! In addition to reading through the Bible in a year this year, I am leading an in-depth study of Proverbs 31, and studying some Minor Prophets with three dear friends. We just finished Micah. Let me be honest, I had never had a burning desire to study Minor Prophets before. But wow, the way that it is all fitting together with where I am at in Leviticus, what I am reading in Proverbs, and what God is revealing to me personally, about himself is incredibly cool!!

I have fantasies about owning a steam mop. Is that weird? Those of you who have one - Pros? Cons? Advice? 

My husband really and truly is going to be building me a photo studio this summer!!! I'm freaking out over this. I can't even tell you. It's crazy and I never thought it would really happen. See, we live on an acreage - a farm. We don't farm it, but rent out the fields around our house. We have this grain bin dryer that is not used anymore. Some one recently asked if they could buy it and we were happy to oblige. When they come pick it up this spring/summer we will have the leftover cement foundation, plus there is electricity going out to it - so, of course, it only makes sense, that we build a photo studio on it. ;) It will be small, but enough to get some really great pictures, I think!

Speaking of photos - I am working on a photo wall. I guess it won't technically be the entire wall,  but a good portion of a wall. Results will be documented here for sure.

And now, time for the animal shaped chicken nuggets and crinkle cut french fries. Because we will do no less than gourmet here. It's just how we roll. ;)


Kristin said...

I am so glad that your husband is building US a photography studio.

And to add to Old Testament, don't forget about Ruth, and Psalm 119:)

The Sneaky Mommy said...

A photography studio!?! WOW! Are you anywhere near Kalamzaoo? We might have to swing by on our way to see family! SO happy that your talent will get to be enjoyed by so many more families!
A steam mop? Sounds fancy and very clean! Go for it!
My eyes have totally been opened up to the riches of the Old Testament this year, too! Love it!
No worries...I'm completely picking up the slack in the carb department! Thank you, baby boy.
Congrats on 500 posts! Love reading :)

Carla said...

I love our steam mop! Well worth it for a quickly clean floor with no chemicals, dirty mop heads or hands and knees scrubbing. You may occasionally need to do a 'deep clean', (like every couple months, if that) but it does the job for me most of the time. Btw, I am loving your 'green' posts on homemade laundry detergent, I've been considering it too (fill me in on your opinions after using it for awhile) and recycling... I'm working on that in our home life as well. Have you looked into composting? We started that last spring/summer. :)

Amy@My Front Porch said...

I *puffy heart* LOVE your bangs :)

And I'm right there with you on the steam mop fantasies...a Shark has been on my wish list for the past several years...

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