Monday, February 28, 2011

 Going green (ish)

Today - I start recycling.

I know, I know - I should have already been doing this.

Really, I do know that. And I have known it for some time now. I do care about taking care of what God has given us. You just have to believe me here.

I have just had so much in my brain, on my plate, and on my calendar for the past several years that I couldn't crunch one more thing in. So, for the sake of convenience, space, and time - I threw everything away.

Well, today is the day folks! We have this little porch area leading out of our kitchen to our basement stairs that I am going to clean out and use as my recycling area. It started out a little area for our large freezer, then we added coffee grinder and file cabinet. We are in process of dry-walling this porch.

Well, it has become a problem area. A big problem. Why? You might ask.

Here, see for yourself:

Dave's tools.

Clothes that I need to bring to the Good Will.

Boxes that need to be burned (Ohhh... or maybe recycled?)

And lots of asian beetles on the window... (can I recycle them???)

Oh look! A freezer.

...And a tow strap.
And more clothes for the Good Will.

And some Carharts.

And, do I see some windshield washer fluid in there??

Oh dear...

Okay, okay - enough with the pictures.  You get the idea...

This week, this is my project. 

Not only will it be cleaned out and organized with bins for recycling, but I want it to be cute.

Oh boy.

Wish me luck.


Katarina said...

I shouldn't laugh....but I did. We have a closet under our stairs and it looks like that...don't want to open the door for fear of what will jump out at me!

Good luck, can't wait to see pictures of it when it is all finished and *cute*!

Anne Elizabeth said...

This looks just like our unfinished closet! Did I mention that it has yet to be organized, or packed AND we are moving in TWO WEEKS! I won't even tell you how our basement looks. Eek, I'd better get on that stat. Best of luck with tackling yours. I know you can make it look cute. ;)

BaronessBlack said...

You will do it, and it will be GORGEOUS!
And you will teach your boys wonderful things about Christian stewardship of this wonderful planet of ours!

Penny said...

I love you for posting this, because it means I am not alone...

Melody said...

Oh, I so LOVE that I am not the only one with areas in my home that look like this! Some days when I look at them I have to talk myself down from hyperventilating, but most of the time I just shake my head and crack a little smile : - ) I can't believe I actually live in this chaotic life, let alone thrive...most of the time : - )

Best of luck!!!

The Sneaky Mommy said...

I wish I was ambitious enough to say...yes, me too! I have 20 weeks to get on top of my clutter has to become the laundry room so the baby can have the laundry closet upstairs. Augh! I wonder how much it would cost to pay someone to do this for me? Can't wait to see your results!

Arlona said...

I got to see the area cleaned out tonight and new containers for recycling! Good job, Wendi. You make the house a home and I am proud of you.

Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

You have no idea how happy your before shots make me! You should see our storage room...