Friday, January 7, 2011

 Top 5 of 2010

I wanted to take a moment to share some blog posts that really touched me, even changed me, in 2010.

1)  "Grief is not a neat little package"
This blog post was written by my sweet childhood friend, Hayley. It amazes me that a five short months after facing a horrible loss she was able to work through and articulate this lesson that I am still working on.

 "I am realizing that I can't compartmentalize it all. {wise words from Deeann - Walmart rug aisle 1.5 hr chat therapy session} I can't put Gabe away and move on to the next house project or the next Bible study or the next season or holiday or the next ministry opportunity or even baby #4".

Read it, but get your kleenex box first.

2) “Where it hurts”
Amy Beth Bullard is a single young lady who just blows my mind! She has accomplished so much in her 26 years, and writes in an emotionally raw way that really draws in her readers!

Something within me just clicked when I read this blog post. Some loose ends that were floating around in my mind asking "why" seemed to finally find some footing on what God had taught Amy Beth about pain.

"Wherever we were hurt seems to be the place where He asks us to give the most."

This busy mom of 3 (soon to be 4!) has become very dear to me. We have shared emails, many comments over blog posts, and a marvelous few hours of chatting over Panera soup and sandwiches!

This blog entry convicted me. It just did. I could have written alot of it. All about that tightrope we walk daily - to die to self each minute.

4) “From God’s arms, to my arms, to your arms"
My friend Kristin. Not sure she grasps the breadth of influence she has had on me.

This post is a letter from the heart. Song lyrics, and then her own words, dedicated to the birth mother of Kristin's precious son Caleb. Just wow. I love this lady's heart.

5) “Lessons”
Okay - so I just checked and this was technically written in 2009 - but we aren't big on technicalities around here, so I am going to include it anyway.

Esty and Dave traveled with Life Action Ministries together - I think maybe 14 years ago?.I've never met Esty in person, but we are pretty much kindred spirits. She doesn't know this yet, but I am planning a big stalking ordeal where I drag all of my boys over to Florida and we hang out at the ocean and stuff.

So, anyway - this blog post made me die of laughter - it has stuck with me ever since I read it, you know, way back in 2009!


"If you smell something coming up the hallway to a bedroom and think: "My, it smells like poop up here" don't get distracted and walk anywhere else.

Go Immediately.

Watch where you step.

Have strong stomach and weak gag reflex." I don't know if it is because I could relate hugely with everysingleword, if it is because we both have a houseful of boys, or what, but I just love, love, loved this post!

While you are at it, read this one from Esty too. Phenomenal letters to her future daughters from China!

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Penny said...

=) Heart. Beautiful words from bloggers I don't know, and I'm so glad you shared them.